Mobile Networks Working Group

The Mobile Networks Working Group addresses all functions and nodes needed in the access network to provide wireless communication services to mobile and stationary users. It includes all types of access points, from public macro cellular base stations to residential femto base stations and WLAN access points. Backhaul provisioning for these access points is covered by this working group as well as the mobility-related functions in mobile gateways. Areas of interest may include:

  • Air interface technologies
  • Radio Resource management
  • Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output Antenna Systems
  • Antenna technologies
  • Relays and Cooperative Transmission
  • Power amplifier technologies
  • Base Station architectures
  • Baseband processing
  • Backhaul technologies
  • Network topologies
  • Deployment strategies
  • Operation and Management concepts

Examples of topics of interest to the Mobile Networks Working Group are new highly energy efficient air interfaces, tradeoffs between energy efficiency and mobile system design criteria such as spectrum efficiency or service delay, power models of wireless access points, dynamic coverage and capacity management, deployment and management strategies for energy efficient mobile systems.

All GreenTouch experts interested in any of these technology areas are invited to participate in the Mobile Networks Working Group – send a request to be included. Current Mobile projects are described here.

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