Services, Policies & Standards Working Group

GreenTouch works to identify technological and architectural solutions for future communication networks that can provide a substantial improvement in energy efficiency. The process of researching, developing, and designing solutions for this goal requires us to anticipate needs of future communication networks – including their applications, traffic, services, and metrics by which they will be judged. The primary role of the Services, Policies & Standards (SPS) Working Group is to provide guidance on these requirements with input to the Technical Committee and the other Technical Working Groups. In particular, SPS will:

  • Identify, characterize, and disseminate the requirements of past, present, and anticipated applications in dimensions of bandwidth, latency, storage, and their time- and spatial-dependence
  • Collect and disseminate data on historical trends and current network traffic
  • Collect, formulate, and disseminate formulations, projections, and forecasts of future network traffic
  • Consider, define, and disseminate alternative metrics to judge network energy performance, such as carbon footprint, power per user, life-cycle resources, and cost

The SPS Working Group also helps ensure that GreenTouch takes a coordinated approach in aligning and interfacing with related standards-setting organizations, influencing various standards that relate to our work with a single voice. This will prepare the groundwork for commercial deployment of the technologies enabling the energy efficiency gains that GreenTouch is working toward.

Current SPS Working Group Projects can be viewed here.

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