Jul 17, 2012

GreenTouch Consortium announces election results for the 2012-2013 Executive Board, Operatioins Committee and Technical Committee.

16 July 2012 - GreenTouch is pleased to announce the elected nominees for the 2012-2013 Executive Board and Committees. Following an internal election, members have chosen esteemed and well respected industry experts to represent and guide GreenTouch in the coming year.

Executive Board:
Thierry Van Landegem, ALU-Bell Labs (Chairman)
Rod Tucker, University of Melbourne
Jongho Bang, Samsung
Wen Tong, Huawei
Laurent Herault, CEA-LETI
Laurent Lefevre, INRIA
Chih-Lin I, China Mobile
Rudy Lauwereins, IMEC
Claude Monney, Swisscom 

Operations Committee:
Chair: Rudy Lauwereins, IMEC
Co-Chair: John Ciacciarelli, ALU-Bell Labs

John Ciacciarelli, ALU-Bell Labs
Laurent Herault, CEA
Man Wing Fong, Fujitsu
Rudy Lauwereins, IMEC
Elle Baese, Huawei

Technical Committee:
Chair: Thierry Klein, ALU-Bell Labs
Co-chair: Shugong Xu, Huawei

Thierry Klein, ALU-Bell Labs
Shugong Xu, Huawei
Greet Bilsen, K.U. Leuven
Michele Morganti, Fondazione Politecnico di Milano
Tony Ephremides, University of Maryland
JinHyeock Choi, Samsung
Bipin Sankar Gopala Krishna Pillai, University of Melbourne
Honggang Zhang, York-Zhejiang Lab
Chen Ying, China Mobile
Mobile WG Chair
Service, Policies, and Standards WG Chair
Wired Core and Access Networks WG Chair

For more information about any of these elected leaders and members, please contact GreenTouch at info@bell-labs.com.


About GreenTouch
GreenTouch is a consortium of leading Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry, academic and non-governmental research experts dedicated to fundamentally transforming communications and data networks, including the Internet, and significantly reducing the carbon footprint of ICT devices, platforms and networks. More information can be found at www.greentouch.org.

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