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Members Meeting: Passion. Progress. Results.

12 December 2014

Those members who did not attend our last face to face meeting in Melbourne missed a lot. During the opening plenary two projects demonstrated their results: CEET and Bell Labs showed in real time their redesigned point to point optical transceiver, and, INRIA demonstrated live their virtual home gateway implementation. And if that in itself was not enough, we got a preview of some upcoming project results that will be demonstrated next year. It simply was great to see the enthusiasm and passion of those researchers showing their achievements, results they achieved from hard work! Congratulations to the teams!

The two live demonstrations were actually also the topic of the announcement we made to the world during our face to face meeting. Both Thierry Klein and myself had several press and analyst briefings prior and during the meeting, but overall the feedback was very positive. As one of the analysts put it, the world was kind of in a wait-and-see mode when GreenTouch was announced, but given our regular and continued announcements they see that the consortium approach with this bold and ambitious goal is actually working! Several of them therefore asked to be informed and invited when we will announce our final results next year. Again, all of this wouldn't be possible without the hard work of all of you.

But let me come back to the meeting for a minute. Not only the opening plenary was great, all the work group meetings and committee meetings were moving at full speed. There is an eagerness to make it to the final event … because everybody is watching us. Also the open forum was a success: great speaker line up and also a pretty packed university theater. Let me take this opportunity to thank again the organizers of this meeting, Kerry, Rod and Kat, and our Virtual, Inc. management team. It was flawless and powerful. Thanks again!

Let me end by saying that we are on a good path towards our final event: letting the world know that we have that set of architectures, protocols, technologies and a roadmap to achieve our bold goal of improving energy efficiency by a factor of 1,000. Showing the world through a set of demonstrations that this is more than 'just' paper work. There is still a lot of work to do – but those that were here in Melbourne have seen a great glimpse of it. So to all, mark your calendars because June 18th 2015 will be the date! So be there in New York City to join that event.

All the best, and enjoy the holidays!

Thierry Van Landegem
Chairman, GreenTouch Executive Board


Growing Green

29 October, 2014

Early last week, the 3GF brought together leaders from business, governments, finance and civil society to discuss models for sustainable growth. The 3GF, the Global Green Growth Forum, is a platform for innovative solutions and partnerships that drive green growth. This Forum is part of an ongoing action to reduce the risk of climate change: the UN Climate Summit in New York provided sufficient political action to achieve a green future; the recently issued New Climate Economy Report shows that all countries have the opportunity to fuel green economic growth. And the emphasis is clearly on ‘green’ AND ‘economic’ growth – contrary to the belief that green does not go hand in hand with economic growth.

But there is still a lot to do when browsing through the various industrial sectors. It is only in those sectors where the major stakeholders have joined forces, that green growth is starting to happen. Green off-grid energy solutions are emerging as a viable solution for providing access to electricity in remote rural areas. Urban development initiatives will influence consumption patterns of the future. New rules for financial systems will encourage sustainable long term investments.

In this respect, what we do in GreenTouch is remarkable. The talk at the conference was about partnerships: Four years ago, we brought together all the major stakeholders of the ICT sector. The talk was about ambitious goals for green growth: we set ourselves the ambitious goal of improving energy efficiency in communication networks. We are de-risking, proposing and demonstrating new technologies and architectures that will find their way in our members products and services, products and services that will allow to build more energy efficient networks. Networks that will make other industries not only more efficient, but also more energy efficient. And that will lead to green growth across society. Building a better future for generations to come.

We have roughly half a year to go with GreenTouch, We will have our face to face gathering in a few weeks. When discussing, think about your role building the technologies for these networks of the future, think about the ever expanding role of ICT in our society, think about the role we play in building that sustainable society.

Thierry Van Landegem
Chairman, GreenTouch Executive Board

A Runner's Heaven

30 May, 2014

Our recent Members Meeting in Milano, Italy definitely had a different feel to it than any previous meeting I've attended. It was all about focus. Focus on our end goal of 1000X, focus on tangible demonstrations, and focus on integration of all the technologies we are working on.

I remember some time ago discussing with Thierry Klein, about how to mobilize the researchers to focus on delivering on our ambitious goal. Given our successful demonstrations in the past, and learning from the questions of members, parties interested in joining, journalists, as well as analysts who wanted some tangible demonstrations of the technologies we are working on, we both wanted to see a good roadmap of demonstrations straight into May 2015. The Technical Committee turned that into an action of focus and integration. And they did a great job.

During the closing plenary, never had I witnessed in a research environment so many due dates, project deliveries, and committed demonstrations. This is atypical. Why was there such focus on these deadlines? Because all the researchers and all the members felt that we have been working hard for four years now and with only one year left to go, they rightfully want to show the world the results of this great effort. And we cannot miss on that.

Or, as Ulrich Barth articulated so nicely during his closing plenary presentation: we have been running the marathon, and we are almost there: the finish is in sight. So, you take all your energy you have left and you go for it, because just after the finish line there is what marathoners call 'Runner's Heaven'. That is why we do it.

Thierry Van Landegem
Chairman, GreenTouch Executive Board

Remember I felt 2013 was like a ‘grand cru’ year for GreenTouch?

5 March, 2014

Apparently more people had this feeling. Last week in Barcelona, presented GreenTouch the award in the Green Technology category. An honor, if you know that is the leading provider of news and analysis by Informa, keeping its users up to date on the latest technological advancements and market trends, addressing key business and technology issues facing our industry.

High up on mount Montjuic, with a panoramic view of Barcelona, handed out the award to our member Rico Schwendener from Swisscom, who represented our consortium.

This tells me two things. For one, recognizes green technology in ICT and energy efficiency in particular is an important industry challenge. Second, it recognizes the ground breaking work our consortium has done in its few years of existence. I don’t know about you, but it really feels great to be recognized in the telecom world next to big telecom names winning awards in other categories – have a look at

Through our awarded Green Meter study, we are literally trailblazing a path towards significant reductions in network energy consumption while at the same time supporting exponential growth in traffic. Our study found that it is possible to reduce the net energy consumption in communication networks by up to 90% by 2020 through dramatic improvements in energy efficiency in access and core networks while supporting exponential traffic growth. What I am sure caught the eye of the jury, is that this is a first-of-its-kind study due to its breadth and depth of technologies being included, from the mobile networks, the fixed access networks and the core networks, not focusing on a single technology but rather on the end-to-end network perspective including a full range of technologies.

Picking up my analogy of a great wine year, a wine maker would say that last year’s technology harvest will even make a better wine this year. We have built a comprehensive portfolio and technical roadmap with provable solutions to reduce the energy consumption in telecommunications and we are actively engaged in understanding the impact of these innovative technologies from a standardization perspective and driving towards productization and deployment of the research assets being developed. We are continuing on our industry thought leader path.

Let’s celebrate and, cheers!


Looking Back at 2013 and Ahead to 2014
15 January, 2014

2013 was definitely a great year for GreenTouch. I won't list all of the great stuff we did, but we all appreciated the great feedback when we announced our Green Meter to the world.

Let me instead focus a bit on one event I attended at the end of November - the World Economic Forum's expert gathering (the so called Global Agenda Councils). This event brings together experts in various fields that merit the world's attention: one of them being sustainability.

The event swirled around solving major societal challenges by bringing together multiple stakeholders that comprise the value chain, by jointly finding solutions that can be borne by all players, because on your own you can't solve it. And that is exactly what we are doing in GreenTouch. As a result, there is a lot of interest in what we do, and even more on how we go about it. In fact, I was extremely pleased that just before the meeting, we created one of the first Green Light papers – these papers describe best practices that could inspire others to solve major challenges. You can download a copy of that report by clicking here.

But 2014 will be even better, right? The calendar is filling up pretty quickly with two scheduled face-to-face meetings lined up, a new video episode and some talks in various conferences and seminars. Plenty to do. But in order to be even more impactful than in 2013, we will need your continued and relentless focus on solving these hard network energy challenges, inventing new technologies, protocols or architectures. What our member companies and the crowd watching us want, are demonstrations of those creative ways of reducing energy consumption. Eventually those member companies want to see those technologies in their products and deployed in their networks.

Up to a great 2014!

GreenTouch Members Meeting in Paris Was Full of Energy, Passion, and Warmth
4 November, 2013

Although it was cold and rainy outside, there was a lot of energy, passion and warmth in the room during last week's GreenTouch member meeting in Paris.

There was energy in the Orange Paris facility during those four days because we had a great member representation with more than one hundred and twenty participants. Needless to say, this resulted in interesting and challenging discussions.

There was lots of passion in the room. Members were focused on getting their ideas on the roadmap towards our ambitious and challenging goal. Not only the scientists and researchers, but also the project leads, working group chairs and co-chairs. I saw it first hand during our executive board meeting where we got a good view of the roadmap. We still have some miles to go, but the direction is set and the outlook is bright.

And finally, there was warmth. Because we celebrated. We celebrated our people. A noteworthy change in the technical leadership of GreenTouch is the appointment of Azeddine Gati from Orange as co chair of the Technical Committee, showing the importance of the energy efficiency for an operator like Orange. Congratulations Azeddine!

Additionally, for the first time we presented our 1000X award recognizing the contribution of a person or a team to GreenTouch's goals. The first recipient of this award was Professor Rod Tucker from Australia's CEET for his leadership in the creation, the organization and the promotion of GreenTouch and his pioneering research contributions to the field of energy efficiency in telecoms. Congratulations Rod!

Let me also take this opportunity to again thank Orange for hosting this wonderful meeting.

Full speed ahead!

Green Growth, the State of Green, GreenBiz … and GreenTouch
October 25, 2013

We know that green has been the bread and butter of some dedicated groups and organizations, but now it is becoming an intricate part of company and government strategies.

Great news!

Why then is green still lacking the power to make it mainstream? Because no one single party can make it happen. Partnerships across stakeholders are the answer.

That's music to my ears because that is exactly what we do in GreenTouch.

Early this week, industry executives, government ministers, international organization leaders, university professors and high level government officials gathered in Copenhagen to push the green agenda at Global Green Growth Forum (3GF). From the onset of the event, the tone was set: the biggest risk for our environment is the risk of doing nothing. And as an important stakeholder we have to act!

So what exactly do we need to do to get green into the mainstream ?

My recipe list consists of the following ingredients:

1. Sustainability should be part of your basic company strategy – otherwise your company cannot exist in the long term.

2. Transformative partnerships are needed, that bring together suppliers, manufacturers, customers, academia and governments. These partnerships will work towards a clearly defined common goal, with industry as the likely lead.

3. Green should not be simply a specific feature on your product roadmap – it should be an intrinsic part of your product, otherwise your product can't survive in the long term.

4. Finally, green should be an intrinsic part of your product design – your customers are not willing to pay more for a green feature; but what they do want is a high-quality, high-performance product with green features.

So, if I map this onto GreenTouch, I can honestly say that we have mixed together all the ingredients and the recipe is smelling good:

· We brought together all ICT stakeholders.

· We've set a bold and ambitious goal.

· We've created a framework for research that brings to bear new technologies with clear ownership rules; and

· We liaise towards policy and standards organizations.

And it works! Our green meter announcement is a clear progress report of our work – and there is more to come.

The challenge now is to get the green meter results into products and deployments. But this is not the role of GreenTouch. GreenTouch provides the platform to create and demonstrate green technologies. Products and deployments are the role of our member organizations. These manufacturers have to include green in their product design, and network operators have to put green on their requirements list and deploy green products.

Global Green Speak
August 26, 2013

Summer is nearing its end and hopefully you all enjoyed well-deserved vacations. GreenTouch didn't stop for that matter –we were present in several events in the course of June and July, and in August we finalized preparations for GreenTouch events taking placing this fall.

In June we organized a successful session during the Sustainable Energy Week in Brussels, a full week facilitated by the European Commission focused on sustainability. Our session brought together various stakeholders of the ICT sector, and an interesting keynote by Edit Herczog, treasurer of the European Parliament. She encouraged our endeavors and opened a discussion on funding avenues for boosting further research in multi-stakeholder and industry driven initiatives as ours. Be sure that we will work this further.

GreenTouch was also invited to participate in two other high profile events: one organized by BT and the Climate Group, and one facilitated by CNBC and Shell. The key message in both events was the idea and the action to bring together stakeholders in the sector both upstream and downstream – in BT's case this involved not only suppliers of their ICT infrastructure, but also their customers, consumers and enterprises. CNBC brought together actors in various sectors of society to assess the impact of changing technologies and behaviors on energy. The 'fil rouge' in all of this is the acknowledgement that one single party can't do it all: one needs to bring together various stakeholders, look at societal impact and the regulatory framework – yes, exactly what GreenTouch does. It is not a pure technology or financial play– it is much broader.

In the meantime, we are steaming full speed ahead: we are co-organizing a green session in the flagship TIA conference in Washington D.C., a GreenTouch event in the European green capital Nantes, France, and our member meeting in Paris. In addition, our participation is requested in high-profile events such as the Green Growth Forum and The World Economic Forum Expert Group. All of these are reflections of the great work that is happening in our consortium. I know that our newly re-elected work group and committee leaders are working hard to bring our results to the next level.

Full speed ahead!

What a week!
May 13, 2013

Talking about a busy week, this is one never to forget. Today GreenTouch announced its latest research study indicating that energy consumption in communication networks can be reduced by up to 90% by the year 2020, and this despite traffic growth. Yes, savings of 90%! The number is even more impressive in absolute numbers: for a country like the USA the savings in mobile access networks would amount to the equivalent electricity consumption of a city like Dallas, for France it would amount to the electricity consumption of the city of Reims. That is a lot.

We have called this latest end-to-end research study the 'green meter', as it shows how far we are on our journey. Last week Thierry Klein and myself have spent considerable time in briefing analysts and press on our results – a marathon of interviews. The overall reaction was one of excitement – yes, GT really delivers on its promises, of interest to better understand the various technologies – we provide an end-to-end portfolio of technologies, and about when / how to get this into products – GT is a research consortium and therefore doesn't build products, that is up to our members. And today we just finished a 'green' webcast with participants from all over the world. The world will know it! If you want to check our press release click here, if you want to see the slide deck that summarizes the results then click here. If you want to know more, contact Thierry or me.

This tremendous result is the climax of all the excellent work that GreenTouch members have performed in the last three years. It is the consolidated view of all the technologies, protocols, architectures and algorithms that have been worked on in the various working groups. What is even more, is that this is a progress report – we haven't included in this green meter report several other technologies we are working on but that we haven't de-risked or fully assessed yet. I am sure that some of those will be discussed during this weeks' face to face meeting in Shanghai! So more to come!

All of our hard work is paying off
April 5, 2013

We just finished our GreenTouch board meeting, a perfect time to share some updates with members. These are exciting times: our Chair of the Technical Committee Thierry Klein briefed the board on the progress we have made on our journey towards this bold goal of improving the energy efficiency of communications networks. He used the equivalent of a thermometer, called the green meter, to indicate the progress towards our goal. All board members were truly impressed with the phenomenal results we are able to present after two and a half years of hard work. What is even more exciting is that these results are pretty conservative; they don't include all the technologies we are working on. That means there are even more updates to come.

The progress-to-date is so remarkable that we don't want to keep this news internally within GreenTouch, we want to tell the whole world! Adding to the excitement, Kay Seo, our chair of the marketing committee, outlined her plans for a communication blitz towards press and general media. We will be writing history; we will show the world that working on this hard problem of the energy efficiency of communications networks by setting a bold challenge and bringing together all relevant stakeholders, works! Watch-out for our announcement in early May!

Finally, I am really thrilled that we are busy preparing for our face to face meeting in Shanghai, China 13-16 May. During the meeting, I am sure there will be a lot of conversation around our announcement of the progress report. Even more important though, we will continue the work on the projects that will further feed into the next iterations of the progress report. I urge you to register for this meeting if you haven't done so. See you all very soon.

Speaking as a Keynote at the Green Growth Forum 2013, Dublin, Ireland
February 22, 2013

Last week I had the pleasure to be invited to speak at the Green Growth Forum in Dublin, Ireland. This event organized by Silicon Republic brought together the major green stakeholders in the Irish eco-system.

With about 300 decision makers in the room representing government, financial institutions, academic research institutes and technology providers, one could feel the buzz. The Irish are definitely an interesting crowd: dynamic, team minded and entrepreneurial. All ingredients one needs to succeed.

I had the opportunity to give the first keynote of the day and set the scene. My address can be seen here: Our pre-competitive collaborative research consortium bringing all relevant ICT players around the table, was seen as a clear step forward towards a greener world. There was a genuine interest of some local players and representatives of global players to join the consortium.

But what was really refreshing was to see the financial incentives created by the local government, and the openness of capital providers in the debate. Money is available for sure, but what these financiers need is a better articulation of the business opportunity - a clear message to the entrepreneurs: we need better business plans, a better articulation of the product or the service and the go to market plans. On a broader scale this also holds true for GreenTouch. Agreed, GreenTouch is all about technology, however, GreenTouch is also about how to introduce that new knowledge and technology in the market either through standardization or informed policy regulation in a pre-competitive fashion, and eventually commercially by its members. And that is why GreenTouch is investing heavily in its Services and Policy Group - this group provides a platform for discussion driving our results to the market.

Another aspect which we tend to forget in the green debate and which got quite a bit of attention in Dublin, is the people. What is the impact of green on you and me? Obviously going green is about reducing carbon emissions, which is good for the environment and therefore good for us. Talking about the carbon footprint of the transport sector is simple and straightforward (think about airplanes and cars), doing that for the ICT sector is more difficult, let alone talking about ICT in itself.

Therefore presenting GreenTouch and its ambitious goal requires a clear articulation for people to get the message. Our goal is to improve energy efficiency by a factor of 1,000. As a result the ICT sector will be able to reduce its power consumption for a given traffic, and, given the lower power needs ICT can think about using renewable energy sources which previously weren't be possible. This greening of ICT makes it a great instrument to green other sectors which will eventually reduce further society's carbon footprint. And that, well that is important for you and me as a human beings that wants a cleaner environment. A clean future for our kids

Year-End Blog by GreenTouch Chairman - Where we are now
December 19, 2012

The end of the year is traditionally a time to reflect on where we stand on our journey, be it personally or professionally. The same is also true for GreenTouch. As we know, this consortium was announced with great expectations and a very ambitious goal in 2010. Therefore it was great to see us start off this year – the midpoint of our five-year journey – by reaching the second critical milestone of the consortium. The breakthrough Bi-PON technology demonstrated the capability to dramatically improve energy efficiency in fiber to the home (FTTH) networks and in other potential applications such as wireless backhaul. This demo attracted many interviews with key major trade journalists and analysts, and generated a good amount of positive reaction.

What most of us tend to forget is that this demo should be considered as one element of the technology roadmap we have been building. To that point, the consortium this year publically released the initial Strategic Research Areas and Project Portfolio document, highlighting our major research activities and projects, and bringing attention to promising research areas of critical nature that require further in-depth investigations. This document really is a precursor to a comprehensive GreenTouch roadmap that will comprise a network reference architecture; the portfolio of research projects and activities; the end-to-end network architecture; and a progress measurement towards improving the network energy efficiency by a factor 1000 compared to 2010.

It is also important to recognize that the research results the consortium attains can only find their way to the market if we socialize and, in some cases, push our results and thought leadership in standardization groups and policy committees. Supporting that goal, this year GreenTouch created a new Services, Policies and Standards working group that is very much driven by our operator members. Through this group, GreenTouch is able to bring more value to its members as they start to seek commercial avenues to complement the consortium's ongoing research activities.

This year, GreenTouch saw its membership grow to more than 60 members with over 350 individual scientists, engineers and researchers from 23 countries, an expansion that truly demonstrates the importance of our work and goals. In addition, we continue to expand our collaborations and partnerships with other organizations in the Green ICT industry and in key policy areas, including the Global eSustainability Initiative (GeSI), the World Economic Forum and the Climate Group. These collaborations further enhance our position as thought leaders and put the consortium in the mainstream green corridor. For example, GreenTouch was one of the key contributors to the newly published SMARTer2020 report by GeSI which shows the important role ICT can play in reducing humanity's carbon footprint.

As chairman of GreenTouch, I was recently invited to become a member of the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council (WEF GAC), and more specifically its newly formed council on Governance for Sustainability. We all know the WEF as a forum where business, social and government leaders meet and discuss the world's major challenges. The GACs, on the other hand, represent a smaller group of individuals who are experts in their particular fields. During the GAC's first face-to-face meeting in Dubai a few weeks ago, the GreenTouch initiative was extremely well received by the sustainability GAC and other councils. In fact, the consortium and its basic operating principles will now be incorporated as a best practice for collaborative industry-wide action. This should be no surprise to us: GreenTouch is a terrific example of how to bring key stakeholders together in a collaborative fashion with a common interest, purpose and action

As our consortium continues to mature, I am fully energized and ready to drive our exciting initiatives that will demonstrate further results and milestones in 2013 and beyond. This includes:

  • The ongoing demonstration of key technologies
  • The build-out of the end-to-end network architecture combining the different technologies and solutions
  • The mapping of those technologies and solutions to their relative energy efficiency contributions to the 1,000 factor

All of these steps, of course, will be essential to measure progress towards our goals. Against these objectives, some of our members have donated funding resources to support research activities and boost progress towards our roadmap. Additionally, efforts will be pursued to further grow our membership with organizations that complement or strengthen the Consortium's skill portfolio and geographical presence, as well as efforts to increase the engagement of the current membership.

Beyond those measures, we will increase our efforts to engage other relevant key stakeholders in the industry, including consortia, research and policy organizations. We will also strive to have a more prominent presence at industry events, trade-shows and technical conferences. The next face-to-face member meeting is already set for May 2013 in Shanghai, China, and is testament to the strong contributions by our Asian members. Through these various goals and actions, I am confident that together we will advance the consortium's thought leadership position even further and be a role model for the industry and society as a whole.


GreenTouch at the World Economic Forum
November 30, 2012

Recently I was invited to become a member of the WEF GAC, the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council, and more specifically the GAC on governance for sustainability. We all know the WEF as a forum where business, social and government leaders meet (the Davos meetings) and discuss about the world's major challenges. The councils on the other hand are small groups of experts in a certain area.

As chairman of GreenTouch, I am now member of the sustainability council, a brand new council. We had our first face-to-face meeting in Dubai last week. The beauty of such a meeting is that all the different councils meet at the same time – since there are more than 80, this event brought almost 1,000 experts together. The event is structured in such a way that there is ample time to cross meet, both with experts and with other councils.

The GreenTouch initiative was extremely well received in our sustainability GAC and beyond – in fact it will now be incorporated as a best practice in terms of collaborative industry wide action. I am in the process of creating a two pager explaining the GT approach.

My overall take-aways from this meeting are fivefold: 1. Sustainable growth models require focus on environmental, social and economic aspects in a comprehensive manner, 2. Youth unemployment is at an all-time high, therefore growth need to be made more inclusive and we need to master better the talent issue, 3. The future will be networks of common interest, purpose and action, 4. There is a governance issue and therefore a need to reform the

institutional structures, 5. We need to enhance the multi stakeholder concept to include the voice of truth (science), the good (ethics) and the young.

Exactly what GreenTouch is doing.

Thierry Van Landegem

VP Global Operations Bell Labs
Chairman of the Board GreenTouch

Chairman Thierry Van Landegem blogs about the Global Green Growth Forum
October 10, 2012

The second edition of the Global Green Growth Forum (3GF) just finished here in Copenhagen, Denmark. The forum brings together business, public and society leaders who are committed to advancing green growth – you got it, not just economic growth but green growth. And the time to act is now! Waiting for green growth until we get out of the current economic crisis was strongly dismissed. Several studies have shown that we are living a life that mother planet cannot sustain – as an example if every single human would live as the Qatari, we would need six planet earths! So we have to change, we have to live greener. Green growth becomes the new norm!

Amongst others, two main conclusions of this 3GF edition show that we are on the right track with GreenTouch: innovation with an ambition goal and collaborative partnership. One: technological innovation is an essential element for growth and disruptive innovation in particular - looking at game changers to improve energy efficiency in ICT networks. Two: given the broad scope we can't do it alone – partnerships are a must between all stakeholders and at a global level. That is exactly what we do with GreenTouch.

But several challenges were identified where we as leaders will have to focus on. For one, the importance of (social) mobilization through informing and communicating about green growth was underlined. Secondly, closing the gap in financing the transition to green growth was identified as a top priority: financial innovation with particular focus on energy efficiency. Thirdly, the current lack of transparency in government subsidies is not sustainable especially when public private partnerships are part of making green growth happen. And finally, further work is needed on policies and standards.

Those challenges sound familiar, right? With GreenTouch we have started on a renewed path of more communication and information, on simplifying and making available more funds towards research and set-up a dedicated group towards policies and standards. Let's go for it!

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