Bell Labs Cambridge UK is Hiring

Deborah Bresalier, December 04, 2015

We’re currently seeking candidates in the areas of Technology and Society, Visualization and Interaction Design, and Data Science. 

How to Apply
Both junior and senior research scientists must have a well-established research track record demonstrated by journal publications and conference papers, as well as participation on program committees, editorial boards, and advisory panels. Postdocs should have a few top-tier publications. Interns should have strong methodological skills (which vary depending on the field) and might benefit from having one top-tier publication. For any position, an interest in working in a highly interdisciplinary environment is essential. Please send your CV along with any supporting documentation (e.g., your one or two best publications or a "deep-dive" into the user workflow and design process for one or two projects) to Daniele Quercia. Applications will be processed at different times. Those submitted by December 15th, 2015 will be processed in the first round, and those submitted after that date will still receive full consideration during the whole year of 2016. 

About You
For 2016, we are looking for candidates in three main areas, but exceptional candidates in other related areas will receive full consideration. 

Technology and Society
We are looking for candidates interested in questions related to “technology and society”. Their works should draw on anthropology, communication, sociology, or technology studies. Those with a background in urban studies are also encouraged to apply. Understanding of sensor technologies and data analytics is beneficial. 

Visualization and Interaction Design
We are looking for candidates passionate about data visualization and interactive data analysis tools. Candidates should be interested in advancing the state of the art on visual analytics and may come from a variety of academic backgrounds and experiences (from, e.g., Information Visualization or Human-Computer Interaction). They should be able to design data visualization tools and prototype them (both the frond and back end). This might require prototyping skills with d3.js and Processing, data visualization skills with ArcGIS and Tableau, coding skills with Javascript frameworks, and mapping skills with Leaflet, Mapbox, or CartoDB. 

Data Science
Finally, we are looking for candidates interested in harnessing digital data (e.g., social media, mobile phone records) to better understand social dynamics. Their works should draw on physics, mathematics, computer science, or engineering. They should be interested in complex systems analysis and in handling large-scale data sets. Practical skills in SQL, Matlab, Python are expected. C++, Java, Hadoop, MapReduce are a plus.