Picture of Thomas Pfeiffer

Thomas Pfeiffer

Stuttgart, Germany
Global team leader for Optical Access


   Diploma in Physics at the Institute for Applied Physics at the University of Muenster(Germany): switching and generation of microwave signals using opto-electronic switches
   PhD in Physics at the Max-Planck-Institute for Solid State Physics in Stuttgart (Germany): ultrafast photo-induced electronic processes in amorphous and poly-crystalline semiconductors

Selected Articles and Publications

Digital Upstream Crosstalk Cancellation for~Future Generation TWDM-PON Systems

Demonstration of ONU Activation for In-Service TDM-PON Allowing Uninterrupted Low-Latency Transport Links

First Demonstration of an Ultra-Low-Latency Fronthaul Transport Over a Commercial TDM-PON Platform

Components for High Speed 5G Access

10Gb/s Low-Cost Directly Modulated Multi-Electrode Laser with Suppressed Thermal Wavelength Drift for Burst-Mode Upstream Transmission in TWDM-PONs

First Demonstration of an Ultra-Low-Latency Fronthaul Transport Over Commercial TDM-PON Platform

TWDM PON Preamble Engineering for Mitigation of a DFB Turn-On Blue-Shift in Burst-Mode Operation

Multi-service SDN controlled reconfigurable long-reach optical access network

Technologies and architectures to enable SDN in converged 5G/optical access networks

Access and metro network convergence for flexible end to end networks [invited]

Real-Time Burst-Mode Operation of an Integrated SOA-PIN/TIA Receiver for 25 Gbit/s/lambda and Beyond TWDM-PON

Quasi frequency drift suppression for burst mode operation in low-cost thermally-tuned TWDM-PON

Real-time demonstration of 28 Gbit/s electrical duobinary TDM-PON extension using remote nodes

An 8 x 10-Gb/s, 42-km High-Split TWDM PON Featuring Distributed Raman Amplification and a Remotely Powered Intelligent Splitter

Real-time PHY-layer demonstration of 28 Gbit/s electrical duo-binary TDM-PON extension using remote nodes

TWDM-PON Burst Mode Lasers with Reduced Thermal Frequency Shift

User/Service Group Separation in Optical Domain Using Overlayed Modulation Technique for 40 Gbit/s Single Wavelength TDM PON

A Physical Layer Perspective on Access Network Sharing

The Underestimated Challenges of Burst Mode WDM Transmission in TWDM-PON [Invited]

Optical Line Termination Transceiver with a Bi-directional SOA for Application in Typ-A NG-PON2 Links

New Concept for Remote Amplification and Demonstration of 80 Gbit/s TWDM-PON with 44km Reach with 512 Split

Remotely Powered Intelligent Splitter Monitor for Fiber Access Networks

Frequency Drift Mitigation for TWDM-PON Burst Mode Lasers

100G (4x25G) NGPON2 upgrade using novel multi-electrode burst mode laser structure to enable 100GHz channel spacing

First Demonstration of Interrupt-Free Whisper Ranging for In-Service ONU Activation in TDM-PON Running Low-Latency Services