Picture of Robert Borkowski

Robert Borkowski

Stuttgart, Germany


Robert Borkowski received his PhD degree in optical fiber communications from the Technical University of Denmark in 2014, where he was working on optical communications' aspects including autonomous network operation and digital signal processing. He was involved in the European FP7-ICT project CHRON. In 2015 Dr. Borkowski joined Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs (now Nokia Bell Labs) as a researcher, since then working on advancing state of the art of passive optical networks. Dr. Borkowski has authored and contributed to over 60 peer-reviewed journals, conference papers, and patent applications.

Research Interests

  • Optical Communication

Selected Articles and Publications

From 25??Gb/s to 50??Gb/s TDM PON: transceiver architectures, their performance, standardization aspects, and cost modeling

The Impact of Transmitter Chirp Parameter on the Power Penalty and Design of 50 Gbit/s TDM-PON

Novel Optical Field Reconstruction for IM/DD with Receiver Bandwidth Well Below Full Optical Signal Bandwidth

Digital Upstream Crosstalk Cancellation for~Future Generation TWDM-PON Systems

Single Wavelength Symmetric 50 Gbit/s Equalization-Free NRZ IM/DD PON with 33 dB Loss Budget over >40 km

Demonstration of ONU Activation for In-Service TDM-PON Allowing Uninterrupted Low-Latency Transport Links

In-Service Pre-Ranging for Upstream ONU Activation in Low-Latency TDM-PON Using Downstream Data Only

Comparison of Counter-Heating Techniques for Frequency Drift Reduction of Burst Mode Directly Modulated Lasers

Burst-Mode Dynamically Filtered DML for Reach Extension and Receiver Sensitivity Improvement in TWDM PON

Components for High Speed 5G Access

TWDM PON Preamble Engineering for Mitigation of a DFB Turn-On Blue-Shift in Burst-Mode Operation

Real-Time Burst-Mode Operation of an Integrated SOA-PIN/TIA Receiver for 25 Gbit/s/lambda and Beyond TWDM-PON

Quasi frequency drift suppression for burst mode operation in low-cost thermally-tuned TWDM-PON

Real-time demonstration of 28 Gbit/s electrical duobinary TDM-PON extension using remote nodes

Real-time PHY-layer demonstration of 28 Gbit/s electrical duo-binary TDM-PON extension using remote nodes

TWDM-PON Burst Mode Lasers with Reduced Thermal Frequency Shift

User/Service Group Separation in Optical Domain Using Overlayed Modulation Technique for 40 Gbit/s Single Wavelength TDM PON

Frequency Drift Mitigation for TWDM-PON Burst Mode Lasers

First Demonstration of Interrupt-Free Whisper Ranging for In-Service ONU Activation in TDM-PON Running Low-Latency Services