Qian Hu

Stuttgart, Germany


Qian Hu received the Ph.D. degree in electrical and electronic engineering from the University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia, working on different aspects of fiber-optic communication techniques, including few-mode fiber-based coherent optical fiber transmission and short-reach optical interconnects with direct detection. In 2015 she joined IP/Optical Networks department at Nokia Bell Labs, Stuttgart, Germany, where she is involved in the research on advanced digital signal processing for high-capacity optical transmission systems. Her current research interests include advanced modulation formats, high-speed transceivers, and cost-efficient optical links for data centers.

Research Interests

  • Optical Communication

Selected Articles and Publications

High Data Rate Tomlinson-Harashima Precoding (THP) Based PAM Transmission

DCI Field Trial Demonstrating 1.3-Tb/s Single-Channel and 50.8-Tb/s WDM Transmission Capacity


Novel Optical Field Reconstruction for IM/DD with Receiver Bandwidth Well Below Full Optical Signal Bandwidth

DCI Field Trial demonstrating 1.3-Tb/s Single-Channel and 50.8-Tb/s WDM Transmission Capacity

1.2Tbit/s Single Channel and 45Tbit/s WDM Field Transmission

Faster-than-Nyquist PAM-4 transmission based on Tomlinson-Harashima precoding

Flexible IM/DD Beyond Bandwidth Limitation for Data Center Optical Interconnects

Simulation and Experimental Demonstration of an IM-DD System Enabled by End-to-End Deep Learning

50 Gb/s PAM-4 Transmission over 80-km SSMF without Chromatic Dispersion Compensation

Optical-amplifier-less transmission of 92 GBd PAM-4 signal using 80 GSa/s DAC/ADC

3.6-Tbps Duobinary 16-QAM Transmission with Improved Tolerance to Cascaded ROADM Filtering Penalty

Transmit Filter Optimization for Improved Performance of Time-Frequency Packing System

Flexible Optical Transmission close to the Shannon Limit by Probabilistically Shaped QAM

Improved Flexibility in Rate and Reach by Time-Frequency Packed QPSK

100 GSa/s BiCMOS DAC supporting 400 Gb/s dual carrier transmission

Improvement of Bandwidth Limitation Tolerance for High-speed PAM-4 Transmission Using Turbo Equalizer

Inter-Channel Crosstalk Compensation for Time-Frequency Packing Systems

DCI Field Trial demonstrating 1.3-Tb/s Single-Channel and 50.8-Tb/s WDM Transmission Capacity

Terrestrial Transmission Reach Doubling at record spectral efficiency flexibility for 400 Gb/s and 600 Gb/s Supported by variable (non)-pragmatic square QAM Formats