Picture of Nico Janssens

Nico Janssens

Antwerp, Belgium


2001 - 2006: PhD in Engineering, Computer Science. University of Leuven.
1996 - 2000: Master in Informatics, University of Leuven.


After finishing my Master's in 2000, I started working as a researcher in the DistriNet (Distributed systems and computer Networks) research group at the University of Leuven’s Department of Computer Science. While working towards a Ph.D., I developed a strong interest in systems research and software engineering challenges, focusing in particular on programmable networks, middleware and adaptive systems. In December 2006, I received a Ph.D. in Engineering for my research on dynamic recomposition of local and distributed network services, entitled ‘Dynamic Software Reconfiguration in Programmable Networks’.

After working for a start-up, I joined Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs in October 2009. Ever since, I have been passionately working on multiple research topics to facilitate the “cloudification” of telecommunication software, including dynamic right sizing (elasticity), massive scalability and real-time cloud analytics.  Currently, I (co-) authored 20 international publications, and 10 filed patent applications.

Research Interests

  • Communications Paradigms
  • Distributed Systems & Controls
  • Dynamic Cloud
  • IoT/M2M
  • Software Engineering
  • Software Platforms

Selected Articles and Publications

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