Picture of Nick Jeffers

Nick Jeffers

Dublin, Ireland
Member of Technical Staff


2006-2009 University of Limerick, Ireland

PhD in Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics

Title: On the Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics of a Normally-Impinging, Submerged and Confined Liquid Jet 

2002-2006 Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

BA. BAI. (Hons. 1st) Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Dissertation Project: Fabrication and testing of a closed two-phased thermosyphon


Nick received a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland in 2006, and subsequently achieved his PhD from the University of Limerick, Ireland in 2009 in the area of submerged liquid jets for enhanced electronics cooling. He was awarded a post-doctoral research fellowship to continue his research in fluid mechanics and heat transfer at Trinity College Dublin as part of the CTVR research center. Nick joined Bell Labs (Alcatel-Lucent) in 2011 as a member of technical staff where he now leads multiple projects in the areas of reliable active air-cooling and novel micro pumping architectures. Nick collaborates extensively in the local eco-system and co-supervises 6 PhD students.  He currently has 1 granted patent, over 16 patents pending and over 10 peer reviewed publications. His work to date has been recognized by numerous awards and prizes throughout his career.

Honors and Awards


  • Alcatel-Lucent award of excellence 2013
  • Alcatel-Lucent UK&I recognition award 2012
  • Bell Labs outstanding achievement award 2011
  • Awarded the Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) final year project prize                                           
  • Awarded the Trinity College Dublin Mechanical Engineering departmental final year project prize


Selected Articles and Publications

2009    Jeffers, N., J. Punch, E. Walsh, M. McLean,  2009, “Heat transfer from novel target surface structures to a normally-impinging, submerged and confined water jet,” J. Thermal Sci. Eng. Appl 1(3): 1-9

2010    Jeffers, N., J. Punch, E. Walsh, 2010, “Full Field Heat Transfer Distribution of a 40º Wall Jet Swirl Generator”, J. Vis. 13(3): 177-178

2010    Jeffers, N., J. Punch, E. Walsh, M. McLean, 2010, “Heat transfer from novel target surfaces structures to an array of 3x3 normally-impinging water jets”, J. Thermal Sci. Eng. Appl. 2(4): 30-41


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