Mohand Achouche

Paris-Saclay, France
Activity Leader


  • Master degree from University of Paris (1993)
  • PhD degree from University of Paris (1996)


Mohand Achouche received a PhD degree from Paris VII (Jussieu) University in 1996. His research activities started in 1993 at National Centre of Telecommunication Research (CNET, Laboratoire de Bagneux) on the fabrication and characterization of HEMT transistors for high speed circuits. During 1997-2000, he was with Ferdinand Braun Institute (FBH-Berlin) working on power amplifiers based on GaAs HBTs for mobile communications. In 2000, he joined Alcatel Research and Innovation where he was first involved in 40Gb/s photodiodes. In 2004, he was in charge of a research team on photoreceivers for high speed optical communication systems, microwave photonics links and sensors. In 2011, he was in charge of Photonic integrated Circuit department working on transmitters and receivers based integrated photonic circuits. Since 2013, he is in charge of Opto-Electronic Integrated Circuits department.

Selected Articles and Publications

O-Band Reflective Electroabsorption Modulator for 50 Gb/s NRZ and PAM-4 Colorless Transmission

Recent Advances in 100+nm Ultra-Wideband Fiber-Optic Transmission Systems Using Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers

Ultra-Wideband Transmission Systems based on Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers

III-V-on-Silicon Integration: From Hybrid Devices to Heterogeneous Photonic Integrated Circuits

103 nm Ultra-Wideband Hybrid Raman/SOA Transmission over 3×100 km SSMF

Experimental Characterization of Nonlinear Distortions of Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers in WDM regime

The First Coherent ReceiverWith Heterogeneously Integrated III-V On Silicon Tunable Local Oscillator Operating At 28GBd Data Rates

90 A/W, 33 GHz, O-band SOA-UTC receiver for future access network

Components for High Speed 5G Access

Ultra Wide Hybrid III-V On Silicon Tunable Laser

High responsivity coherent photonic receiver integrating an SOA, a 90° hybrid and high speed UTC photodiodes

Access and metro network convergence for flexible end to end networks [invited]

Real-Time Burst-Mode Operation of an Integrated SOA-PIN/TIA Receiver for 25 Gbit/s/lambda and Beyond TWDM-PON

Record 6dBm electroabsorption modulated laser for 10Gb/s and 25Gb/s high power budget access networks

Wideband Steady-State Model of a Strained InGaAsP MQW-SOA

Highly Linear SOA-PIN/TIA Photoreceiver for 40 Gbit/s Applications and Beyond

Single Carrier 168-Gbit/s Line-Rate PAM direct detection transmission using high-speed Selector Power DAC for Optical Interconnects

155nm-span multi-wavelength DFB laser array fabricated by selective area growth

112-Gb/s PAM-4 Optical Transmitter Module based on High Speed InP EAM

Direct Detection Transceiver at 150-Gbit/s Net Data Rate Using PAM 8 for Optical Interconnects

Compact InP-based DFB-EAM enabling PAM-4 112 Gb/s transmission over 2 km

High Sensitivity 40 Gbit/s Preamplified SOA-PIN/TIA Receiver Module for High Speed PON

Optical crosstalk on Rx/Tx photonic integration platform

High performance monolithically integrated SOA-UTC photoreceiver for 100Gbit/s applications

Towards the distributed core for ubiquitous superfast broadband optical access

High Optical Power, High Gain and High Dynamic Range Directly Modulated Optical Link

Design and Challenges in a 100 Gb/s Hybrid-Integrated Photonic Circuit

DC-Coupled Burst-Mode Receiver with High Sensitivity, Wide Dynamic Range and Short Settling Time for Symmetric 10G-GPONs

Power Dynamics Control in Optical Packet Rings

High performance InP/InGaAs strained quantum well interband photodiodes for nir resonant photodetection

1550nm AlGaInAs DFB laser with over 20 GHz electro-optical bandwidth and below −150 dB/Hz RIN and receptor for Ku band analog microwave links

10 x 10Gb/s DWDM hybrid-integrated transmitter based on passive alignment of an array of 10 directly modulated lasers with SiO2 AWG

Conception of a preamplified InP coherent receiver for 100-400 Gbits/s applications

Successful Experimental Validation of an Integrated Burst Mode Receiver designed for 10G-GPON systems in a Packet-OADM Metro Network

High Sensitivity (-19 dBm) Receiver Using Photonic Integration of a SOA and a Photodiode for low cost 50 Gbauds applications

Duty-cycle dependent THz power generation of opto-electronic methods for wireless communication systems

64¬ Gb/s Optical Transmission Using DFB EAM Transmitter and SOA PIN TIA Receiver with -23.5 dBm Record Sensitivity

1.3µm Electro-Absorption Modulated Laser at 56Gb/s with record 7.4dB dynamic extinction ratio

103nm Ultra-Wideband Hybrid Raman/SOA Transmission over 3×100 km SSMF

Passive and Active Integration Advances For High Data-Rates Silicon Photonics Coherent receivers