Team Members from Bell Labs

        Milind M. Buddhikot 

Milind M. Buddhikot is currently a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff (DMTS) in Alcatel-Lucent Bell Laboratories, where he conducts research in next generation of wireless networks.†† In a research career spanning 22+ years, he has made significant contributions, scientifically as well as to the business aspects of wireless, IP and multi-media networking.Milindís recent work is in the area of high capacity wireless networks, in particular small cells that exploit shared spectrum via dynamic spectrum access (DSA) technologies.He has authored 45+ technical papers and holds 15 US or international patents. According to Google Scholar, Milindís research publications have recorded 5000+ citations and are well recognized within the research community.  Two concepts he pioneered and researched, namely the concept of database coordinated dynamic spectrum access (2004) and ultra-broadband small cells using shared spectrum (2009) have now emerged as promising new technology and spectrum policy directions.


Milind is a recipient of the Bell Labs President's Silver Award for outstanding innovations and contributions (2003), Bell Labs Team Award (2003), Lucent Chairman's Team Award (2006) and DMTS award (2012). Milind is a co-founder of the IEEE DySPAN symposium which has emerged as a premier conference on the topic of Dynamic Spectrum Access. He has served as an Associate Editor of IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking and Elsevierís Computer Networks Journal, secured 1.2+ million dollars in research funding and regularly participates in FCC, NSF and conference panels and TPC committees of major IEEE and ACM conferences. Milind has frequently delivered invited presentations and tutorials on future technology directions to audiences in top-tier research forums and trade shows and to business customers world-wide.

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