DIMSUMnet Scalable Spectrum Server


 The DIMSUMnet  spectrum server is a scalable implementation of the spectrum server implemented  using Java 1.6 SDK and the OpenMap. Currently, it runs on a Dell Poweredge 2950  server with 2 quad-core CPUs and 8 GB memory. The implementation supports multiple virtual brokers or a single broker on a single machine. Each (virtual) broker can be designated to handle a single geo-graphically contiguous area or multiple non-overlapping areas. The broker implements a spectrum leasing protocol and supports connections from Radio Access Network Managers (RANMANs). Each RANMAN connects to the broker over a TCP connection. The leasing protocol  implements the basic command set: (Register-RANMAN, Authenticate-RANMAN, Register-BS, -Alloc-Demand, Interrupt-Demand)

Design Documents:

    A detailed design document in PPT presentation is available here.


    A Javadoc for the DSABroker classes and UML file for class hierarchy will be available soon.

Here are as few screen shots of the GUI front-end.

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