Recent Publications Cognitive Ultra-Broadband Femtocells

Design and demonstration of ultra-broadband femtos
  1. Sayandeep Sen, Tan Zhang, Milind Buddhikot, Suman Banerjee, Dragan Samardzija, Susan Walker  "A Dual Technology Femto Cell Architecture for Robust Communication using Whitespaces" (Best Paper Award ), Proceedings of IEEE DySPAN 2012, Seattle, Oct 16-19, 2012.

  2. Milind Buddhikot, Irwin Kennedy, Frank Mullany, and Harish Viswanathan,  Ultra-Broadband Femtocells via Opportunistic Reuse  of Multi-Operator and Multi-Service Spectrum, Bell Labs Technical Journal (BLTJ) Special Issue on 4G Networks, Feb 2009
Scalable deployment of Co-channel Femtos
  1. Irwin Kennedy, Patricia Scanlon, and, Milind Buddhikot, Passive Steady State RF Fingerprinting: A Cognitive Technique for Scalable Deployment of Co-channel Femtocell Underlays, Proceedings of IEEE DySPAN 2008, Chicago, Oct 15-17, 2008

  2. Irwin Kennedy, Patricia Scanlon,  Milind Buddhikot, Keith Nolan, and Tom Rondeau, Radio Transmitter Fingerprinting: A Steady State Frequency Domain Approach, Proceedings of IEEE VTC 2008, Calgary,  Sept 2008.

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