Milind Buddhikot's Various Research Projects

New and On-going


WhitreCells: Ultra-broadband Cognitive Femto and Small Cells

NSF Grant CNS0831762: Market Driven Dynamic Spectrum Management


NSF CNS 1117597: Understanding Traffic Dynamics in Cellular Data Networks and Applications to Resource Management




Project IOTA: Integration of 802.11 and 3G Networks



EAP-SIM/AKA in Lucent NAVIS RADIUS for Integrated WLAN/3G Networks        

This work involved design, implementation of complete end-to-end solution of EAP-SIM/AKA  authentication  using  Lucent NAVIS AAA Radius server. This work is currently not accessible outside Lucent. Lucent NAVIS Radius is a carrier class AAA server that won Editor's Choice Award from Network Computing.  A Bell Labs Technical Journal Paper describing parts of this work is available.


DIMSUMnet: Dynamic Intelligent Management of Spectrum for Ubiquitous Mobile Networks (jointly with WINSEC, Stevens Institute of Technology)


WORKIT: Wireless Open Research (tool)KIT (WORKIT)  (Jointly with Prof. Henning Schulzerinne (Columbia University), Prof. Tom La Porta (Penn State), and Prof. Elizabeth Belding-Royer (University of California, Santa Barbara))


MeshClusters:  Design and Implementation of Infrastructure Mesh Networks



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