Integration Of Two Access Technologies  (IOTA)

    The third-generation (3G) wide area wireless networks and 802.11 local area wireless networks possess complementary characteristics. 3G networks promise to offer always-on, ubiquitous connectivity with relatively low data rates. 802.11 offers much higher data rates, comparable to wired networks, but can cover only smaller areas, suitable for hot-spot applications in hotels and airports. The performance and flexibility of wireless data services would be dramatically improved if users could seamlessly roam across the two networks. The IOTA Project deals with Integration of 802.11 WLANs and 3G Networks.

   It addresses various aspects of high performance integration such as (1) network architecture for integration, (2) Design and implementation of new network element called integration gateway, (3) Client side OS and application support for handling mobility, (4) High speed access in mobile hot-spots, (5) Efficient authentication and key exchange,  (6) New mobility mechanisms that improve on MobileIP, and (7) Range extension for 3G and 802.11 networks.

The main components of IOTA project are

Other ongoing research components (Publications, presentations available)


                - Modified Linux NAT

                - MobileNAT mobility client for Windows XP (beta)

            - Expected availability of first prototype (Beta, Sept 2003)

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