Picture of Mauricio Cortes

Mauricio Cortes

Murray Hill, NJ, USA
Member of Technical Staff


Ph.D. SUNY@Stony Brook 1997
M.Sc. SUNY@Stony Brook 1989
B.Sc. Universidad de los Andes-Bogota 1985

Honors and Awards

Lucent's Chairman Award
Bell Labs Teamwork Award

Professional Activities

Member of ACM and IEEE

Selected Articles and Publications

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  2. Mauricio Cortes, Jairo O. Esteban, Hyewon Jun: Diabelli: An IMS simulation tool. Bell Labs Technical Journal 10(4): 255-259 (2006)
  3. Mauricio Cortes, Jairo O. Esteban, Hyewon Jun: Towards Stateless Core: Improving SIP Proxy Scalability. GLOBECOM 2006
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  5. Mauricio Cortes, J. Robert Ensor: Narnia: A Virtual Machine for Multimedia Communication Services. ISMSE 2002: 246-254
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  10. Mauricio Cortes, Prateek Mishra: An Implementation Model for Collaborative Applications. CLEI Electron. J. 1(1) (1998)
  11. Gianpaolo U. Carraro, Mauricio Cortes, John T. Edmark, J. Robert Ensor: The Peloton Bicycling Simulator. VRML 1998: 63-70
  12. Mauricio Cortes, Prateek Mishra: DCWPL: A Programming Language for Describing Collaborative Work. CSCW 1996: 21-29

Books and Chapters

Virtual Reality Technologies for Future Telecommunications Systems, Chapter 2 - Virtual Clubs Telecommunication Systems with David Boyer, Allen Ginsberg, Anjum Khan, Sylvia Wilbur and Graeme Balfour.