Picture of Marc   Roelands

Marc Roelands

Antwerp, Belgium
Research Projects Manager, Senior Research Engineer


Civil Engineer, specialization Computer Science and specialization Electronics, Magna Cum Laude, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium, 1991


Active in the telecom industry as a computer science engineer since the early 90's, Marc Roelands has an innovation background in areas ranging from H.323 standardization for advanced enterprise communication systems, over early adoptions of Presence and Unified Communication concepts, the introduction of SIP in mobile messaging and all-IP UMTS, and smart home applications, to ICT convergence themes like 'blended' SOA-Telecom service creation on top of Service Delivery Platforms.
Beyond this traditional telecom background, Marc successfully led the 40-partner/5-country ITEA DiYSE project (ITEA Exhibition Award 2010, ITEA Silver Achievement Award 2012), around DiY creation of Internet of Things services, as well as other innovation projects before that, such as the award-winning ITEA LOMS (ITEA2 Gold Achievement Award 2008, ITEA2 Silver Exhibition Award 2008). He was also a major contributor and WP lead in the FP7 iCore project focusing on a new Internet of Things service platform architecture with cognitive capabilities.
As a constant in his work, he has always focused on smart enablement of massive service collections on carrier and enterprise provider infrastructure, with his current research focus being on leveraging the power of new analytic intermediary functions in the cloud, that allow e.g. for the optimized execution of large, ad-hoc collections of stream-intensive services leveraging the explicit system cognition of real-world behavioral knowledge.

Honors and Awards

FP7 iCore, as key demo contributor: FuNeMs'13 Best Demo Award
ITEA DiYSE, as EU project lead: ITEA Silver Achievement Award 2012
ITEA DiYSE, as EU project lead: ITEA Exhibition Award 2010
ITEA LOMS, as EU project lead: ITEA Gold Achievement Award 2008
ITEA LOMS, as EU project lead: ITEA Silver Exhibition Award 2008

Selected Articles and Publications