Picture of Kevin Nolan

Kevin Nolan

Dublin, Ireland
Member of Technical Staff


B.Eng, Aeronautical Engineering, University of Limerick (2000-2004)
Ph.D, Fluid Mechanics, Stokes Institute, University of Limerick (2004-2009)


Kevin graduated from the University of Limerick with a First Class Honors Degree in Aeronautical Engineering in 2004. Subsequently he undertook a Ph.D in experimental fluid dynamics at the Stokes Institute. Late nights in the Wind Tunnel Lab imbued Kevin with a deep love of photography and image analysis.

After completing a Post Doc at the Stokes Institute Kevin was all set to continue begin a Marie Curie in Imperial College London. However Eyjafjallajökull delayed proceedings and he was head hunted to develop optics and software solutions for next generation qPCR at biomedical startup Stokes Bio. After an eventful and productive time at Stokes Bio, which was sold to a large multinational during his time there, Kevin was able to finally jump the pond to London where he spent two years working on extremely large Direct Numerical Simulation (DNS) databases. Currently he works in Bell Labs Ireland with the Thermal Group. His primary interests are Microfluidics, viscoelastic flows and imaging techniques such as Particle Image Velocimetry and Schlieren imaging. He is currently working on sub-critical flow instabilities of viscoelastic flows in microchannels for local heat transfer enhancement. One of his more interesting side projects is the development of a plenoptic Schlieren system


Kevin has published extensively in the Journal of Fluid Mechanics on topics related to structure identification in fluid flows from both experimental and numerical data sets. He is working with students in UL on transition control, in Trinity College on bubble dynamics in tow phase flows and his colleagues at Bell Labs on vortex generators and state of the art air movers where his expertise in fluid structure identification is invaluable.

Amongst Kevin’s hobbies are photography, computer graphics and cycling.


Selected Articles and Publications

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