Harald Schmuck

Stuttgart, Germany
Research engineer


University of Kaiserslautern

Physics, 1977 – 1983


Harald Schmuck received the Diploma Degree of Physics from the University of Kaiserslautern, Germany, in 1983. His scientific work was focused on the development of fiber based rotation sensors. In the same year he joined the optical transmission department at Alcatel-Lucent Research Centre in Stuttgart continuing these sensor activities by supporting the product preparation.

Since 1985, he was involved in the development of novel fiber-optic components and transmissions systems like coherent systems, WDM/OCDMA systems and fiber based mm-wave systems. In 1999 he joined optical network group. The technical area included the development of system concepts for the access/metro networks. He was involved in the development of embedded fiber monitoring concepts and their integration into networks.

Harald is now a member of the Optical Access research department at Nokia Bell Labs where the main activity is the development of system concepts for the next-generation access networks and the optimization of their optical layer architecture.



He has been engaged in numerous national and European research projects. He holds 24 patents and authored and co-authored more than 75 journal and conference papers.






Selected Articles and Publications