Picture of Gregory Raybon

Gregory Raybon

Crawford Hill, NJ, USA
Member or Technical Staff

Research Interests

  • Optical Communication
  • Optical Devices

Selected Articles and Publications

Arrays of Surface-Normal Electroabsorption Modulators with Ultra-High Speed

Maximizing Fiber Cable Capacity under a Supply Power Constraint using Deep Neural Networks

Scalable Arrays of 107 Gbit/s Surface-Normal Electroabsorption Modulators

Supply-Power-Constrained Cable Capacity Maximization Using Deep Neural Networks (JLT version)

Supply-Power-Constrained Cable Capacity Maximization Using Multi-Layer Neural Networks

Dual Polarization Full-Field Arbitrary Waveform Reconstruction Using Intensity Only Measurements for Coherent Communications

212-Gbit/s 2:1 multiplexing selector realised in InP DHBT

Single-Channel Direct Detection Reception Beyond 1 Tb/s

180-Gb/s 2:1 multiplexing selector realized in InP DHBT

107 Gb/s Ultra-High Speed, Surface-Normal Electroabsorption Modulator Devices

High Symbol Rate Coherent Optical Transmission Systems

High Spectral Efficiency Optical Transmission with Probabilistic Constellation Shaping

180-GBaud (720-Gb/s) All-ETDM Single Carrier Polarization Multiplexed QPSK Transmitter and Coherent Receiver

Single-Wavelength 1.61-Tb/s Transmission over 100 km of Standard Single Mode Fiber

Kramers-Kronig Receivers for 100-km Datacenter Interconnects

Probabilistic Constellation Shaping and Coding: Essential Elements for Capacity-Approaching Optical Communications

High Spectral Efficiency Transmission with Probabilistic Shaping

218-Gb/s Single-Wavelength, Single-Polarization, Single-Photodiode Transmission Over 125-km of Standard Singlemode Fiber Using Kramers-Kronig Detection

Characterization of Electro-Optic Bandwidth for ultra-High Speed Modulators

Trans-Atlantic field trial using probabilistically shaped 64-QAM at high spectral efficiencies and single-carrier real-time 250-Gb/s 16-QAM

High-speed IQ Modulator Based on Injection-Locked VCSEL array

218-Gb/s single-wavelength, single-polarization, single-photodiode transmission over 125-km of standard singlemode fiber using Kramers-Kronig detection

Trans-Atlantic Field Trial Using High Spectral Efficiency Probabilistically Shaped 64-QAM and Single-Carrier Real-Time 250-Gb/s 16-QAM

All-Electronic Generation of Ultra-High Symbol Rate Signals

Widely Flexible Superchannel using PDM-256QAM and Parallel Probabilistic Shaping enabling Eight Fold Transmission Reach Adaptation

All-electronic 100-GHz bandwidth digital-to-analog converter generating PAM signals up to 190-GBaud

Single-Carrier All-ETDM 1.0-Terabit/s Line Rate PDM-64-QAM Transmitter using a High-Speed 3-bit Multiplexing Power DAC

High symbol rate transmission systems for data rates from 400 Gb/s to 1Tb/s

Dual Polarization Full-Field Signal Waveform Reconstruction Using Intensity Only Measurements for Coherent Communications

Opto-Electronic and All-Optical Wavelength Translators and Their Cascadability

All-electronic 99-GHz Digital-to-Analog Converter Generating 180-GBaud PAM Signals


Single-Channel Direct Detection Reception beyond 1 Tb/s