Picture of Anja Jerichow

Anja Jerichow


Current professional responsibilities include

  • Delegate in 3GPP SA3 security standardization in mobile communication systems
  • Delegate in GSMA FASG (Fraud and Security Group) standardization group
  • Project Manager of Converged 5G Security standardization project in Nokia Bell Labs CTO ISG (Industry Standardization Group)
  • Privacy Champ in Nokia Privacy Program

Rapporteur or main driver of several work items in 3GPP

  • 3GPP TR 33.819 ("Study on security enhancements of 5GS for vertical and Local Area Network (LAN) services") resulting in normative work to 3GPP TS 33.501 ("Security architecture and procedures for 5G System")
  • Champ of security area on “Privacy aspects” in 3GPP TR 33.899 ("Study on the security aspects of the next generation system") resulting in normative work to 3GPP TS 33.501
  • Driving authentication topic in 3GPP TS 33.501 (5G AKA, EAP-AKA' and new authentication methods) with related services for NFs UDM/ARPF, AUSF and SEAF.
  • 5G Roaming Security Chapter (6.5) of NG.113 (GSMA Guidelines for engineers and operational roaming teams)
  • 3GPP TR 33.888 ("Study on security issues to support Group Communication System Enablers (GCSE) for LTE") resulting in normative work to 3GPP TS 33.246 ("3G Security; Security of Multimedia Broadcast/Multicast Service (MBMS)")
  • 3GPP TR 33.869 and 3GPP TR 33.969 ("Study on security aspects of Public Warning System (PWS)")
  • 3GPP TR 33.897 ("Study on isolated E-UTRAN operation for public safety; Security aspects")
  • Research and standardization in the area of Mobile TV and DRM (digital rights management) for OMA BCAST-DRM working group (back in 2004-2008)

Honors and Awards

Nokia patent awards for

  • Top inventor in Munich, 2018
  • Standards essential patents for all time