Celebrating 50 years of Unix

We are commemorating Unix’s anniversary with the Unix50 event, a two-day celebration that will reflect on Unix’s past and explore the future of computing. Speakers and panelists include many of the original team that built Unix and designed the C programming language, as well as luminaries in the fields of computing and robotics. The event will also feature a gallery of Unix artifacts, a coding challenge requiring students to program robots to navigate the industrial spaces of the future, and numerous other activities drawing on Unix’s rich and colorful history at Bell Labs.

Check back soon for videos and photos captured from the event.

Facebook Live Events

Monday, October 21
4:00PM ET – UnixWorld Challenge

Wednesday, October 23
2:45PM ET – UnixWorld Challenge

YouTube Livestreaming

Tuesday, October 22
8:45 ET – The origin of Unix panel session

10:00 ET – The Unix Kernel

UnixWorld Challenge

A dozen students will face off in the UnixWorld Challenge arena to see who can master the code necessary to program a robot to function autonomously in an emulated industrial environment. The students will be divided into four teams and will be judged on how well and how quickly they perform a series of tasks in respective industrial zones. Attendees will be able to watch the students experiment with their robots throughout Unix50. Highlights of the event will also be broadcast over Facebook Live.




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