Celebrating 50 years of Unix

In October 2019, Nokia Bell Labs commemorated Unix’s anniversary with the Unix 50 event, where we reflected on Unix’s past and explored the future of computing.

Unix 50’s speakers and panelists included many of the original team that built Unix and designed the C programming language, as well as luminaries in the fields of computing and robotics. The event also featured a gallery of Unix artifacts, a coding challenge requiring students to program robots to navigate the industrial spaces of the future, and numerous other activities drawing on Unix’s rich and colorful history at Bell Labs.

Unix 50 Highlights

nokia-unix-50-origen-panel.png The Origin of Unix
nokia-unix-50-kernel.png Unix Today and Tomorrow: The Kernel
nokia-unix-50-languages.png Unix Today and Tomorrow: The Languages
nokia-unix-50-compute.png Unix Today and Tomorrow: The Compute
Rodney-Brooks-with-robot-2x-tout.png The Great Robot Migration from Embedded Isles to Unix-ville
Thierry Klein Cloud Robotics for the Future Industrial Internet
Screen Shot 2019-11-18 at 10.43.32 AM.png Ode to Unix
Unix50 Student presentations Student Presentations at the Unix50 conference

UnixWorld Challenge Highlights

Unix World Challenge Blue UnixWorld Challenge: Blue Team
Unix World Challenge UnixWorld Challenge: Introduction
Orange team UnixWorld Challenge: Green Team
Orange team UnixWorld Challenge: Orange Team
Yello team UnixWorld Challenge: Yellow Team

UnixWorld Challenge

Four teams of students faced off in the UnixWorld Challenge arena to see who could master the code necessary to program a robot to function autonomously in a simulated industrial environment. The successful challengers were Team Yellow — Daniel Scarafoni, Georgia Institute of Technology; Matthew Olson, Oregon State University; and Joshua Schmidt, Stevens Institute of Technology.


Photo gallery

Snapshots from the event