Connected Health

Pulse Rate Visualization

In this Smart Mirror application, multiple streams are combined before the heart beat is actually displayed on the mirror.


Pulse Rate Visualization

Smart Mirrors will come to the fitting room in shops. But Smart Mirrors will also appear in the bathroom. These magic mirrors will show the main vital signs of the persons standing in front of it.

In this Smart Mirror application, whenever a person - standing in front of the mirror – moves her hand to her heart, her vital signs are shown on the mirror, next to her reflected image. For this, multiple streams are combined: live data on vital signs from the user’s wristband & gyroscope data from the same wristband to detect the gesture. This is complemented with gesture analysis on a video camera stream. The correlation of the gesture detected by the wristband and by the mirror’s built-in camera allows a secure verification of the user actually being in front of the mirror, thus safeguarding the user’s privacy.