Distributed massive MIMO

Nokia Bell Labs is researching new MIMO technologies that will boost uplink capacity in 5G networks and help pave the way for 5G-Advanced.

5G-Advanced: Expand and transform your connected world

5G-Advanced will bring out the richest capabilities of 5G over the coming decade, breaking down boundaries and expanding connectivity.

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Bell Labs: The MIMO innovator

Bell Labs has always been on the forefront of MIMO innovation. Bell Labs researcher Gerard Foschini, who is considered one of the key inventers of MIMO technology, laid its foundation in the early 1990s when Bell Labs was part of the AT&T system. The principles of massive MIMO – one of the key technologies of 5G – emerged from Bell Labs in late 2000s. Today Nokia Bell Labs researchers continue to build upon those foundation. Researchers are finding new ways to enhance massive MIMO’s capabilities while also applying MIMO to new technologies like fiber transmission.