Statistics and Data Science

Democratizing Data Science for Industry 4.0

About the lab

Statistics and Data Science group at Nokia Bell Labs develops techniques and solutions to simplify how we extract knowledge from any type of data towards democratization and industrialization of data science. We believe that there is a ‘human’ problem in data science. Despite amazing advancements in algorithms and compute power, we still need skilled data scientists to perform many manual and ad hoc tasks to apply AI/ML to real-life analytics problems. This slows down the adoption of AI/ML across businesses. Our research is focused on reducing such human effort. Our key idea is to apply statistics, data analytics and machine learning techniques to the data science process itself to make data science easy to perform by subject matter experts. As a data science team, we also enjoy opportunities to apply our research to current and emerging Nokia business opportunities. Working on such problems not only provides us to see the impact of our research, but it also suggests us exciting new directions for our future research.