Social Computing

The Social Computing lab at Nokia Bell Labs models human behaviour using computational methods.


What is Social Computing?

Social Computing is an area of computer science that is concerned with the intersection of social behaviour and computational systems. It is about monitoring, analyzing, measuring and interpreting digital interactions and relationships of people to build future technologies.


The Facelift project learns what people consider beautiful and can automatically transform ugly urban areas into beautiful ones.


Daniele Quercia

Research Manager, Augmented Human Interaction

Marios Constantinides

Senior Research Scientist

Sanja Scepanovic

Research scientist

Mohammad Tahaei

Senior Research Scientist

Ke Zhou

Senior Research Scientist


Join our interdisciplinary community of academics and practitioners in our mission to explore the areas of Computational Social Science for the key themes of Urban, Health, and Culture; Computer Vision; Data Mining; Interaction Design and Visual Analytics; and Complex Networks.

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