Semantic Reasoning and Understanding

Augment and scale human-like perception and actuation in robotic agents

About the lab

Industrial metaverses in the AR space bring the promise to make work safer/more secure and increase the efficiency/throughput of industrial processes in the industry 4.0 enterprises. Recent advances in a wide range of technologies like computer vision, computational photography, neural rendering, scene reconstruction, computational imaging, visual-inertial odometry, sensor fusion for physical state estimation, mapping and localization, language grounding, interaction technologies, are set to achieve the goal of a safer/more efficient enterprises.

In this context, the Semantic Reasoning and Understanding group at Nokia Bell Labs develops the fundamental algorithms and technological enablers in in the field of visual, inertial and radio-based localization, both in indoor and outdoor environments. We augmented our approaches by the semantic understanding of the environment in order to increase the accuracy and reliability of the localization. We build advanced semantic reconstruction of industrial and enterprise spaces towards building their always up-to-date digital twins. Finally, since in the context of the metaverse the human-machine interaction techniques are fundamentally transformed, we look at novel ways to interact with everyday objects in an AR metaverse.

Next to the research angle our group performs development in the context of accelerating the transformation of AI-centered research proof of concepts into fully functional research prototypes, in the attempt to make them transferrable towards our business units.