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Looking beyond 5G to the network of the future

6G will not only build on existing technologies, it will radically transform what a network can do. We believe it will liberate human potential, inclusively and sustainably.

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Expand and transform your connected world

Through the 3GPP standards body, Nokia is in the process of making 5G-Advanced happen. The first release of the 5G-Advanced era, Release 18, is due in 2024.

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Nokia has defined six principles to guide all AI research in the future

For AI to thrive in our society, we must adopt a set of ethical principles governing all AI systems. We call these principles Responsible AI.

What is Responsible AI?
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The first cellular network on the Moon

Nokia is pushing the boundaries of space exploration by building an LTE/4G network on the lunar surface.

Why is Nokia shooting for the Moon?

Let’s talk metaverses, plural

There will be many metaverses, and some of them will reach maturity much faster than others.

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Human needs aren’t just technical — they’re environmental, social and cultural

We’re collaborating with out-of-the-box thinkers and makers on research projects aimed at advancing humans’ use of technology — outside the network.

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Hexa-X.6.jpgBell Labs partners with research labs all over the world exploring all facets of technology.