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07th Apr 2014

Bell Labs launches interactive application to measure the impact of new technologies on network energy consumption

Alcatel-Lucent has unveiled a new application developed by its research arm, Bell Labs, that network operators and others can use to explore how the use of the latest technologies can dramatically reduce energy consumption, costs and the carbon footprint of their networks.  This easy-to-use G.W.A.T.T. - Global 'What if' Analyzer of NeTwork Energy ConsumpTion app - forecasts trends in energy consumption and efficiency based on a wide variety of traffic growth scenarios and technology evolution choices. G.W.A.T.T. provides a view of the entire network, showing how much power is consumed at each point in the network. This makes it possible for G.W.A.T.T. to quickly identify 'hot spots' in a network where the most energy is consumed, and also provides a way to identify how different technologies can make the network more efficient.

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