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About Nokia Bell Labs

Nokia Bell Labs is one of the pre-eminent global research organizations today, with a a rich history of solving the great challenges facing the information and communications industry and ‘inventing the future’.  It remains focused on that mission, working on the ‘10x’ challenges that confront the evolution of networks and, given the dependence we increasingly have on those networks, the evolution of the future digital society. In fact, one could argue that there has never been a more exciting time to be undertaking research in these domains.

Bell Labs researchers have been recognized by many of the world’s most prestigious technology organizations for their contributions to science, technology and society. 15 of our researchers have shared in 8 Nobel Prizes for Physics and one Nobel Prize in Chemistry for discoveries ranging from the invention of the technologies that serve as the foundation for all information technology, to the nature of subatomic particles and the origins of the universe. And 4 of our scientists have been awarded the Japan Prize, including Dennis Ritchie and Kenneth Thompson for developing the UNIX® operating system.

Bell Labs researchers are global leaders in their respective disciplines and conduct fundamental and applied research geared toward solving the most formidable networking and communications challenges confronting our world, in IP and Optical networks, ultra-broadband access (wireless and wired), novel communications platforms and systems, new algorithms and protocols, and advanced virtualization and software-defined networking technologies that underpin today’s Cloud infrastructure.  The goal is always to discover breakthrough technologies that will make networks 10x faster, smarter, more scalable and more sustainable.

Bell Labs is a global organization with headquarters in Murray Hill, New Jersey, with locations throughout the world, and is the research arm of Nokia.  It collaborates closely with Nokia's product development teams and customers to create new information and communications technologies and to bring them to market, or to create novel intellectual property for commercialization by the wider industry.

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