Scalable Deterministic Scheduling for WDM Slot Switching Xhaul with Zero-Jitter

  • Chiaroni D.
  • Gravey A.
  • Gravey P.
  • Leclerc B.
  • Morvan M.
  • Uscumlic B.
  • Zami T.

A low-cost WDM slot switching "N-GREEN" network running a deterministic scheduling provides zero-jitter forwarding as needed by CPRI traffic. For a first time, a dedicated integer linear program and a corresponding scalable heuristic have been used together to compute such scheduling and evaluate its efficiency with N-GREEN technology. The results ...

Enhancing performance of coherent OTDR systems with polarization diversity complementary codes

  • Awwad E.
  • Dorize C.

Monitoring the optical phase change over a fiber paves the way for a wide range of applications that induce fast strain variations as detection of vibration and acoustic signals. However, the quality of the estimated fiber channel response strongly depends on the method used to optically excite the optical fiber ...

100-GHz Low Voltage Integrated Lithium Niobate Modulators

  • Bertrand M.
  • Chen X.
  • Marko Lon?Ar
  • Sethumadhavan C.
  • Shams-Ansari A.
  • Wang C.
  • Winzer P.
  • Zhang M.

We demonstrate monolithically integrated lithium niobate modulators consisting of sub-wavelength waveguides and velocity-matched RF transmission lines. We measure an RF V<inf>&#x03C0;</inf> as low as 2.3 V and an electro-optic bandwidth up to 100 GHz.

Mode Scrambler Using CO<inf>2</inf>-laser Inscribed Long-period Gratings

  • Chen H.
  • Fontaine N.
  • Li J.
  • Liu Y.
  • Ryf R.
  • Zhao Y.

We demonstrate a mode scrambler using CO<inf>2</inf>-laser inscribed long-period gratings for mixing 3 spatial modes. The mode-dependent loss and modal transfer matrices versus wavelength are characterized using a swept-wavelength interferometer.

System Benefits of Coupled-Core Multicore Fibers with Different Coupling Lengths

  • Essiambre R.
  • Rademacher G.
  • Ryf R.

We study the impact of the linear coupling length and the number of cores on the nonlinear benefit of the coupled-core multicore fiber having up to 19 cores. Coupling lengths as short as a few meters improves transmission.

Modal Crosstalk Mitigated IM/DD Mode-Multiplexed Transmission Based on Pilot Assisted Least Square Algorithm

  • Chen H.
  • Chen J.
  • Fontaine N.
  • Huang Q.
  • Liu M.
  • Ryf R.
  • Wang F.
  • Zhang Q.

We experimentally demonstrate mode group crosstalk mitigation in IM/DD mode-multiplexed OFDM transmission using pilot assisted least square algorithm. Transmission performance is improved through mitigating the crosstalk between the LP01and LP11mode groups.

Characterizing Chromatic Dispersion of Multiple Few-Mode Fibers Using Bidirectional OTDR Technique

  • Chen H.
  • Fontaine N.
  • Li G.
  • Li J.
  • Liu H.
  • Ryf R.

We use bidirectional OTDR technique to measure effective areas of two LP modes at four discrete wavelengths in cascaded few-mode fibers, with the help of mode-selective photonic lanterns, and calculate the chromatic dispersion.

55GHz EAM bandwidth and beyond in InP active-passive photonic integration platform

  • Augustin L.
  • Blache F.
  • Debregeas H.
  • Haan E.
  • Leijtens X.
  • Trajkovic M.
  • Williams K.

We demonstrate 50GHz and above 55GHz E/O bandwidth for 100&#x03BC;m and 50&#x03BC;m-long electro-absorption modulator, within the offerings of the generic InP active-passive integration platform. Discussion on going even further in bandwidth is presented.

95dB Sensitivity in a Chip-Scale Swept-Source Optical Coherence Tomography System

  • Bishop D.
  • Bolle C.
  • Cappuzzo M.
  • Earnshaw M.
  • Eggleston M.
  • Farah B.
  • Fontaine N.
  • Pardo F.
  • Pollock C.
  • Safar H.

Record high sensitivity of 95dB is achieved in a chip-scale SS-OCT system. A PLC interferometer, on-chip balanced diode pair, and ball lens coupled MEMS mirror form an ultra-compact optical engine for 3D imaging.

Integrated Photodiodes for On-chip Semiconductor Optical Amplifier Gain Measurement

  • Brenot R.
  • Carrere H.
  • Debregeas H.
  • Garreau A.
  • Gomez Carbonell C.
  • Mekhazni K.
  • Verdier A.

Two photodiodes are integrated on a semiconductor optical amplifier for on-chip measurement of the gain. Coupled waveguides drive fraction of light into photodiodes and gain is calculated from photocurrents ratio. Good consistency is found with optical characterization of the gain. The method is not sensitive to coupling losses and can ...

Small-signal model for heterogeneous integrated graphene-silicon photonics

  • Dong P.
  • Gu T.
  • Hone J.
  • Kananen T.
  • Mao D.
  • Petrone N.
  • Sinsky J.

We demonstrate directly contacted graphene-silicon p-i-n junction for ultrafast response. The two-dimensional junction is parameterized by fitting a small-signal model to RF response. The model extrapolates a maximum bandwidth up to 70 GHz.

Commercializing Silicon Microring Resonators: Technical Challenges and Potential Solutions

  • Dong P.
  • Kim K.
  • Melikyan A.

Silicon microrings can find a wide range of applications in optical interconnects and communications. However, their resonant wavelengths are extremely sensitive to fabrication and temperature variations. Here we review possible solutions to address this challenge.

Cladding Pumped EDFAs with Annular Erbium Doping

  • Chen H.
  • Essiambre R.
  • Fontaine N.
  • Larochelle S.
  • Matte-Breton C.
  • Messaddeq Y.
  • Ryf R.

We present simulation, fiber design and experimental characterization of a cladding pumped EDFA with erbium doping in the cladding. The approach is of interest for future development of multi-core EDFAs with increased saturation output power.

Uplink channel estimation for nonorthogonal coded access

  • Hu X.
  • Lou M.
  • Ma G.
  • Tuo X.
  • Wang F.
  • Zhang Y.

A promising multiple access scheme, which is called nonorthogonal coded access (NOCA), has been proposed for the fifth generation wireless communication systems to achieve higher service quality with limited radio resource provisions. However, uplink channel estimation in NOCA has not been well studied and the perfect channel knowledge has been ...

Suburban Residential Building Penetration Loss at 28 GHz for Fixed Wireless Access

  • Castro G.
  • Chizhik D.
  • Du J.
  • Feick R.
  • Rodriguez M.
  • Valenzuela R.

Fixed wireless access at mm/cm bands has been proposed for high speed broadband access to suburban residential customers, and the building penetration loss is a key parameter to be assessed. We report a measurement campaign at 28 GHz in a New Jersey suburban residential neighborhood for three representative single-family homes. ...

Optimal Link Scheduling for Throughput Maximization in Multi-Connectivity mm-Wave Cellular Networks

  • Malanchini I.
  • Pappas N.
  • Tatino C.
  • Yuan D.

Network densification and multi-connectivity are emerging as promising solutions to provide reliable and seamless communications at the millimeter-wave frequency range. Due to the obstacles that cause frequent interruptions at such high frequency, connectivity to multiple cells can drastically increase the network performance in terms of throughput and reliability by coordination ...

Maximum throughput scheduling for multi-connectivity in millimeter-wave networks

Multi-connectivity is emerging as promising solution to provide reliable communications and seamless connectivity at the millimeter-wave frequency range. Due to the obstacles that cause frequent interruptions at such high frequency range, connectivity to multiple cells can drastically increase the network performance in terms of throughput and reliability by coordination among ...

Radio frequency planning & verification for remote energy monitoring: A LoRaWAN case study

This study investigates potential applicability of LoRa technology in power distribution and monitoring. A testbed has been set up at Dudullu Industrial Zone as a pilot study. Theoretical radio frequency planning has been performed and compared with field measurements in order to scrutinize applicability of this technology to remote energy ...

A Fast and Low-Loss Electro-Magnetically Tunable Optical Filter

  • Bolle C.
  • Cappuzzo M.
  • Earnshaw M.
  • Neilson D.
  • Safar H.
  • Sridhar A.

Fast and simple optical filtering is a prerequisite for low cost passive optical networking using multiple wavelengths to scale to higher capacity. We demonstrate a simple electro-magnetically tuned optical filter capable of tuning across more than 700GHz of optical spectrum in under 1ms with low optical loss. We show successful ...