System 75: software development tools

  • Pedersen T.
  • Ritacco J.

System 75: system management

  • Reisner G.
  • Woodland H.

An Approach for Call Logs Anonymization Using Machine Learning

  • Denoyer Ludovic
  • Gallinari Patrick
  • Maag M.

Today it is difficult and in most of the cases it is impossible for a data owner to release call logs in a completely safe environment without any risk of individuals re-identification. However, call logs analysis is very important for research purposes or for marketing applications. Moreover, since the arrival ...

A dimensional comparison between embedded 3D-printed and silicon microchannels

  • Jeffers N.
  • O'Connor J.
  • Punch J.
  • Stafford J.

The subject of this paper is the dimensional characterization of embedded mi- crochannel arrays created using contemporary 3D-printing fabrication techniques. Conven- tional microchannel arrays, fabricated using deep reactive ion etching techniques (DRIE) and wet-etching (KOH), are used as a benchmark for comparison. Rectangular and trapezoidal cross-sectional shapes were investigated. The ...

NNET: a Socket API and protocol stack for Process-to-Content Network Communication

  • Gallo M.
  • Lin Gu
  • Perino D.
  • Varvello M.

Inter-Process Communication (IPC) refers to the set of methods which enable data exchange among processes. When two processes are remote, or run on machines connected via a network, IPC is realized through the socket interface and the networking protocol stack implemented at end-hosts. Today, most computer networks rely on the ...

Investigation of Vapour Chamber Performance with a Concentrated Heat Source

  • Kempers R.
  • Ravache E.
  • Robinson A.
  • Siedel S.

This work aims to characterize the performance of a commercially available solid heat sink (SHS) and a vapour chamber heat sink (VCHS) with a small localized heat source. The heat sinks were tested under forced convection conditions in a dedicated wind tunnel. Heat transfer and temperature measurements facilitated the estimation ...

Development of a naturally aspirated thermosyphon for power amplifier cooling

  • Kempers R.
  • Kerslake S.
  • Robinson A.
  • Siedel S.

This paper details the early development steps of a two-phase thermosyphon thermal management solution for power amplifiers (PA) in the telecommunication industry. These components, attached to a vertical PCB within an enclosure between the RF filter and a natural or forced convection heat sink, dissipate a large amount of heat ...

On the Way to 5G

  • Zakrzewska A.

This presentation analyses new technologies that could enable 5G networking, discusses potential standardisation and development directions, and presents recent research efforts in the area of future mobile networks. This overview was prepared at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) prior to joining Bell Labs.

Adaptive DC-DC Converter for Efficient 4G Macro-Cell Base Station

  • Ferling D.
  • Fernandéz Y.
  • Jueschke P.
  • Maugars P.
  • Nguyen Trieu Luan Le
  • Philippe D.
  • Retrouvey J.

Abstract—This article presents a new solution for DC-to-DC converters realized for 4G (LTE) macro cell base stations with improved efficiency. The concepts proposed in the EARTH project target a factor two reduction of power consumption in 4G base stations. The solutions are presented and detailed and required DC-to-DC converter specifications ...