Call Admission: A New Approach to Quality of Service

  • Reiman M.
  • Shwartz A.

Quality of service guarantees are an important and much discussed aspect of ATM network design. However, there is no standard definition of quality of service. Moreover, some often-used criteria seem quite crude. We consider call admission to a bufferless ATM multiplexer with on/off sources. A new criterion for a guarantee ...

Position-Momentum Local Realism Violation of the Hardy Type

  • Hillery M.
  • Stoler D.
  • Yurke B.

We show that it is, in principle, possible to perform local realism violating experiments of the Hardy type in which only position and momentum measurements are made on two particles emanating from a common source. In the optical domain, homodyne detection of the in-phase and out-of-phase amplitude components of an ...

CURE: An Efficient Clustering Algorithm for Large Databases

  • Guha S.
  • Rastogi R.
  • Shim K.

Clustering, in data mining, is useful for discovering groups and identifying interestign distributions in the underlying data. Traditional clustering algorithms either favor clusters with spherical shapes and similar sizes, or are very fragile in the presence of outliers. We propose a new clustering algorithm called CURE that is more robust ...

An Approximate Kinetic Theory for Accelerated Testing

  • Luvalle M.

Accelerated testing is the attempt to accelerate the degradation processes that occur in a material system by applying high stress. Typically accelerated testing requires extrapolating results from a feasible regime for laboratory or factory experimentation to a natural setting of interest. The models used for this extrapolation usually either arise ...

Quadtree-structured Variable Size Block Matching Motion - Estimation With Minimal Error

  • Martin G.
  • Muthukrishnan S.
  • Packwood R.
  • Rhee I.

This paper reports two efficient quadtree-based algorithms for variable size block matching (VSBM) motion estimation. VSBM motion estimation all motion estimation allows the dimensions of blocks to adapt to local activity within the image, and the total number of blocks in any frame to be varied while still accurately representing ...

Crystallographic Study of Electromigration Failure Sites In Submicron Al(Cu) Interconnects

  • Chu X.
  • Marcus M.
  • Prybyla J.
  • Theiss S.

Crystallographic grain orientations at a large number of electromigration failures sites in Al(Cu) interconnects have been measured and compared to the orientations away from failure sites and in witness lines (those in which no current passed). For the first time a preferred orientation is identified for the failure-site grains. A ...

A Perceptual-Based Video Coder for Error Resilience

  • Chiu Y.
  • Hartung J.

(PREVIOUS TITLE: LAYERED VIDEO CODING USING PERCEPTUAL CODING CRITERIA FOR ERROR RESILIENCE IN PACKET NETWORKS) Transmission of video over lossy packet networks is very much a challenging open problem. Heuristic approaches have been used to deal with the loss of coding blocks, and with the propagation of these errors due ...

The Size of the Connected Components of Excursion Sets of x, sup 2 t and F Fields

  • Cao J.

The distribution of the size of one connected component and the largest connected component of the excursion set is derived for stationary X sup 2, t and F fields, in the limit of high or low thresholds. This extends previous result for stationary Gaussian fields (Nosko, 1969; Adler, 1981) and ...

Efficient ML Estimation of the Multivariate Normal Distribution from Incomplete Data

  • Liu C.

It is well known that the maximum likelihood estimates (MLEs) of a multivariate normal distribution from a complete monotone sample have closed-form expressions (Anderson, 1957; Little and Rubin, 1987) and that the MLEs from incomplete data of a general missing-data pattern can be obtained using the EM algorithm (Dempster, Laird, ...

A Note on 'A Secondary Path Modeling Technique for Active Noise Control Systems'

  • Morgan D.

A seeming paradox in a paper by Kuo and Vijayan is explained in terms of the prediction error filter notch bandwidth in comparison with the resolution of the model filter. In [1], a pseudo-random probe signal is used in conjunction with an active noise control (ANC) system for identification of ...

On the Robustness of the BPX-preconditioner With Respect to Jumps in the Coefficients

  • Oswald P.

We determine the worst case behavior of the standard BPX- reconditioner for elliptic problems with arbitrary coefficient jumps along the boundaries of the coarsest partition. The counter- examples are also useful for other problems

Criteria for Hierarchical Bases in Sobolev Spaces

  • Lorentz R.
  • Oswald P.

Several approaches to solving elliptic problems numerically are based on hierarchical Riesz bases in Sobolev spaces. WSe are interested in determining the exact range of Sobolev exponents for which a system of compactly supported functions does form such a Reisz basis. When the system derives from a multiresolution analysis, this ...

Bin Packing With Discrete Item Sizes, Part I: Perfect Packing Theorems and the Average Case Behavior of Optimal Packings

  • Coffman E.
  • Courcoubetis C.
  • Garey M.
  • Johnson D.
  • Shor P.
  • Weber R.
  • Yannakakis M.

We consider the one-dimensional bin packing problem with unit- capacity bins and item sizes chosen according to the discrete uniform distribution U {j,k}, 1 <= k, where each item size in {1/k, 2/k,...,j/k} has probability 1/j of being chosen. Note that for fixed j, k as m --> inf the ...

A Low-voltage Line Driver for Digital Signaling Interface

  • Anidjar J.
  • Lakshmikumar K.

This paper describes a CMOS line driver that operates from a 3V power supply and delivers a peak current of about 100mA to the load. The novel features of the circuit are high power efficiency, an output pulse shape and amplitude independent of power supply and temperature variations, and the ...

The Optimal RLS Parameter Tracking Algorithm for a Power Amplifier Feed-Forward Linearizer

  • Chen J.
  • Chen Y.
  • Tsai H.

Digital signal processing (DSP) techniques have been proposed in recent years to adaptively track the control parameters of a power amplifier (PA) feed-forward linearizer. In most of the propositions, gradient- based searching algorithms are applied to the parameter tracking. In this paper, we propose an optimal RLS (recursive least square) ...

On the complexity of minimum distance decoding of long linear codes

  • Barg A.
  • Krouk E.
  • Van Tilborg H.

We suggest a decoding algorithm of q-ary linear codes, which we call supercode decoding. It ensures the error probability that approaches the error probability of minimum distance decoding as the length of the code grows. For n -> inf the algorithm has the maximum likelihood performance. The asymptotic complexity of ...

Anomalies Due to Delay and Loss in AAL2 Packet Voice Systems: Performance Models and Methods of Mitigation

  • Lyons T.
  • Sriram K.
  • Wang Y.

(PREVIOUS TITLE: USE OF SEQUENCE NUMBERS AND MITIGATION OF ANOMALIES DUE TO DELAY AND LOSS IN PACKET VOICE SYSTEM) A study has been performed to investigate the packet delay variation and packet loss probabilities to be expected in typical applications of Access and Trunking using AAL2 and consequences these may ...

A Form of BST With Small Dependence of Dielectric Constant on Voltage

  • G.T. Stauf
  • O'Bryan H.
  • Watts R.

The main applications for integrated high density capacitors are DAM storage capacitors and capacitors for RF and mixed signal chips; bypass capacitors, feedthrough capacitors, and capacitors for switched capacitor filters and ote rfilters. For the second group of applications the main considerations are capacitance per unti area, leakage current, breakdown ...

Mawl:a Domain-specific Language for Form-based Services

  • Atkins D.
  • Ball T.
  • Benedikt M.
  • Bruns G.
  • Cox K.
  • Mataga P.
  • Rehor K.

(Title originally was Experience with a Domain Specific Language for Form-Based Services) This paper describes our experience with mawl's form abstraction, which is the means for separating application logic and user interface descriptions. The initial impetus for the form abstraction was to simplify the creation and maintenance of dynamic web ...

Active Noise Control: A Tutorial Review

  • Kuo S.
  • Morgan D.

Active noise control (ANC) is achieved by introducing a canceling "antinoise" wave through an appropriate array of secondary sources. These secondary sources are interconnected through an electronic system using a specific signal processing algorithm for the particular cancellation scheme. ANC has application to a wide variety of problems in manufacturing, ...