A Framework for Simulating Heterogeneous Virtual Processors

  • Beatty P.
  • Glossner C.
  • Parson D.
  • Schlieder B.

This paper examines the layered software modules of a heterogeneous multiprocessor simulator and debugger, and the design patterns that span these modules. Lucent's LUsWORKS simulator and debugger works with multiple processor architectures. Its modeling infrastructure, processor models, processor monitor/control, hardware control, vendor simulator interface and Tel/Tk extension layers are spanned ...

Non-Dissipative Dynamic Current-Sharing Snubber for Parallel-Connected IGBT's in High Power Boost Converters

  • He J.
  • Jacobs M.

This paper presents a new, non-dissipative dynamic current-sharing passive snubber for parallel-connected IGBTs used in high power boost converters. The proposed circuit overcomes the drawbacks of the negative temperature coefficient characteristic of IGBTs' on-state resistance. Without a current-sharing snubber, a small disparity in turn-on delay can cause a large current ...

On the Convergence of Multistage Interference Cancellation

  • Buehrer M.
  • Gollamudi S.
  • Nicoloso S.

(LINEAR VERSUS NON-LINEAR INTERFERENCE CANCELLATION) In this paper, we compare linear and non-linear interference cancellation for systems employing code division multiple access (CDMA) techniques. Specifically, we examine linear and non-linear parallel interference cancellation (also called multi-stage cancellation) in relationship to other multiuser detection algorithms. We show the explicit relationship between ...

Degradation of InGaAs/InP Double Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors under Electron Irradiation

  • Bandyopadhyay A.
  • Chandrasekhar S.
  • Dentai A.
  • Goodnick S.
  • Subramanian S.

The DC characteristics of InGaAs/InP double heterojunction bipolar transistors (DHBTs) are studied under high energy (~ 1 MeV) electron irradiation up to a fluence of 14.8 x 10 sup (15) electrons/cm sup 2. The devices show an increase in common-emitter current gain (h sub (fe)) at low levels of dose ...

Unequal Error Protection Methods for Perceptual Audio Coders

  • Sinha D.
  • Sundberg C.

In most source coded bit streams certain bits can be much more sensitive to transmission errors than others. Unequal error protection (UEP) offers a mechanism for matching error protection capability to sensitivity to transmission errors. A UEP system typically has the same average transmission rate as a corresponding equal error ...

On Recent Advancement of Automatic Speaker Authentication

  • Juang B.
  • Lee C.
  • Li Q.
  • Soong F.
  • Zhou Q.

Speaker authentication, which concerns with authenticating a person's identity via voice, is addressed in this paper. Two approaches to speaker authentication, speaker verification and verbal information verification (VIV), can be formulated. The traditional approach of speaker verification attempts to verify a speaker's identity based on his/her voice characteristics while the ...

Modeling of Laser Pulsed Heating and Quenching in Optical Data Storage Media

  • Volkert C.
  • Wuttig M.

Rewritable optical data storage using phase change materials holds considerable promise for upcoming multi-media and mass storage applications. To compete with advances in other storage technologies, it is of crucial importance to increase the data transfer rate and storage capacity. Near-field recording should enable considerable progress in these areas. Currently ...

Electrical Performance on Chip-on-Chip Modules

  • Low Y.
  • O'Connor K.

Chip-On-Chip (COC) logic/memory integration alters the electrical characteristics of both IC components. We identify several electrical design issues associated with signal transmission, power distribution system and I/O buffers that limit the performance of COC modules.

'CMOS Compatible Alignment Marks for the SCALPEL Proof of Lithography Tool

  • Biddick C.
  • Blakey M.
  • Farrow R.
  • Felker J.
  • Gallatin G.
  • Kasica R.
  • Kizilyalli I.
  • Klemens F.
  • Kornblit A.
  • Mkrtchyan M.
  • Novembre A.
  • Ocola L.
  • Peabody M.
  • Waskiewicz W.

The SCALPEL proof of lithography (SPOL) tool uses alignment marks for many applications ranging from periodic setup and calibration to routine alignment and registration for achieving level to level overlay. A mark detection system was developed that uses the backscattered electron (BSE) signal generated from scanning the aerial image of ...

Video Multicast Over the Internet

  • Ammar M.
  • Li X.
  • Paul S.

Multicast (multipoint) distribution of video is an important component of many existing and future networked services. Today's Internet lacks support for quality of service (QoS) assurance which makes the transmission of real-time traffic (such a video) challeging. In addition, the heterogeneity of the Internet's transmission resources and end-systems makes it ...

Improving the Manufacturing Test Interval and Costs for Telecommunication Equipment

  • Jain A.
  • Saraidaridis C.

Generally, most circuit packs of telecommunications systems are processed through a manufacturing test process that may include in-circuit test, functional test, factory environmental stress testing or environmental stress screening (ESS), and system tests. Some of these tests, like ESS, may also be due to customer or Bellcore requirements. However, it ...

Interconnect Technology Trend for Microelectronics

  • Liu R.
  • Martinez E.
  • Pai C.

In the past thirty years, interconnect evolved from a single layer of Al deposited by evaporation to multiple levels of sandwiched Ti/Al-Cu/TiN metal layers deposited by sophisticated magnetron sputtering and connected by Al or W plugs through via holes. Dielectric insulator evolved from low-pressure chemical vapor deposited (LPCVD) SiO sub ...

Towards Efficient Monitoring

  • Jiao J.
  • Naqvi S.
  • Raz D.
  • Sugla B.

(Title was originally Monitoring Rapidly Changing Environments) Many rapidly-changing environments need to be monitored to ensure that they stay within acceptable parameters. The monitoring consists of measuring properties of the environment, and of inferring an aggregate predicate from these measurements. In many cases, It is too complex, or too expensive, ...

Disk Scheduling With Quality-of-Service Guarantees

  • Bruno J.
  • Brustoloni J.
  • Gabber E.
  • Ozden B.
  • Silberschatz A.

(PREVIOUS TITLE: ADDING QUALITY-OF-SERVICE GUARANTEES TO A COMMODITY OPERATING SYSTEM) We describe the design, implementation, and performance of Reservation Domains on FreeBSD. Reservation Domains isolate the performance of different processes running on the same system. Each Reservation Domain contains a share of the system's resources (e.g., CPU, memory, and disk ...

Proportionate Normalized Least-Mean-Squares Adaptation in Echo Cancelers

  • Duttweiler D.

On typical echo paths, the proportionate normalized least-mean-square (PNLMS) adaptation algorithm converges significantly faster than the normalized least-mean-squares (NLMS) algorithm generally used in echo cancelers to date. In PNLMS adaptation, the adaptation gain in each tap position varies from position to position and is roughly proportional at each tap position ...

Hop-by-Hop Routing with Node-Dependent Topology Information

  • Fayet V.
  • Khotimsky D.
  • Przygienda A.

This paper is focused on the problem of hop-by-hop routing in a network where different nodes have different views of the network topology. In particular, each node may be aware of just a subset of the network links, perceiving the rest as if their cost was infinite. We formalize the ...

RRR: Recursive Round Robin Scheduler

  • Chen X.
  • Garg R.

Scheduling has been an interestig problem since its inception. In the context of real-time networks, a scheduling algorithm is concerned with dispatching streams of packets sharing the same bandwidth such that certain guaranteed performance for each stream like rate and delay bound is provided. This function has a wide range ...

A Silicon MEMS Optical Switch Attenuator and Its use in Lightwave Subsystems

  • Aksyuk V.
  • Barber B.
  • Bishop D.
  • Giles R.
  • Ruel R.
  • Stulz L.

A single-mode fiber connectorized MEMS (Micro ElectroMechanical System) reflective optical switch attenuator operating in the 1550nm wavelength region is described. The device consists of an electrostatistically actuated gold-coated silicon vane interposed in a fiber gap yielding 0.81 dB minimum insertion loss in the transmit state and high transmission isolation in ...

Active Networks for Efficient Distributed Network Management"

  • Raz D.
  • Shavitt Y.

(Title orginally issued as An Active Network Approach to Network Management" Active networks is a framework where network elements, primarily routers and switches, are programmable. Programs that are injected into the network are executed by the network elements to achieve higher flexibility and to present new capabilities. This work describes ...

Virtual Social Clubs: Meeting Places for the Internet Community

  • Balfour G.
  • Boyer D.
  • Cortes M.
  • Vernick M.
  • Wilbur S.

Internet technology has extended the notion of community to global dimensions. Virtual communities of users sharing common interests can interact ion chat rooms, meeting places and virtual towns, or join an Internet Mbone conference. These communities, however, tend to be mainly comprised of strangers. This project introduces the concept of ...