5G Automotive Vision

  • Jablonowski M.
  • Saur S.

White Paper about 5G requirements and expectations coming from the automotive industry

5G and Energy

  • Saur S.

White Paper on 5G requirements and expectations from the energy sector.

The Future of Communications

  • Hofmann M.
  • Lee A.
  • Olofsson B.

The essence of communication is the imparting or exchanging of information. We can broadly define three primary types of communication personal, media, and control type communication, each of which results in the exchange of information between people or systems. Personal communication can be regarded as the exchange of information or ...

Advertising Competitions in Social Networks

  • Masucci A.
  • Silva Allende A.

In the present work we study the advertising competition of several marketing campaigns who need to decide how many resources to allocate to potential customers to advertise their products through direct marketing while taking into account that competing marketing campaigns are trying to do the same. Potential customers express a ...

Next-Generation Forward Error Correction: Can we Close the Gap to the Shannon Limit?

  • Aref V.
  • Roesener D.
  • Schmalen L.
  • Suikat D.

We report the current status of forward error correction schemes and show how close we can operate to some theoretical limits taking into account the size of the codes. We show that spatially coupled LDPC codes are good candidates for bridging the gap to capacity and compare some practical codes ...

IoT - Impact on Mobile Networks

  • Dhingra V.

IoT is poised to revolutionize industries and ways we live and work. These things will digitally connect to other devices and the network via multiple technologies. MNOs are making significant investments in M2M communications for providing connectivity as well as value added services to IoT application providers and enterprises. However, ...

The Future of Information

  • White C.

We sit on the cusp of a revolution in information driven by the intersection of a massive increase in the sources of data and the ability to augment our intelligence and use critical thinking to turn this data into knowledge. Information can be defined as the communication or reception of ...

ALU White Paper on "5G" Spectrum

  • Bonin J.
  • Sanders A.
  • Urie A.

I have reformatted the synopsis multiple times to change single-quotes to double-quotes, change bullets to letters, etc. But, now it just says the problem is "null", and won't let me submit. After spending an hour on this formatting problem, I will send the abstract separately.

100 GSa/s BiCMOS DAC Supporting 400 Gb/s Dual Channel Transmission

  • Anna Bielik
  • Buchali F.
  • Henning Langenhagen
  • Idler W.
  • Jörg Rupeter
  • Lars Altenhain
  • Michael Möller
  • Rolf Schmid
  • Schuh K.
  • Templ W.
  • Tobias Ellermeyer
  • Ulrich Dümler

We demonstrate generation of 2x32Gbaud 16QAM dual channel signal from one laser utilizing a novel 100GSa/s BiCMOS digital-to-analog converter. Fiber transmission over 2200 km of SSMF is also demonstrated outperforming a 64 GBaud system by 25% in reach.

Field Demonstration of 1 Tbit/s Super-Channel Network Using Probabilistically Shaped Constellations

  • Buchali F.
  • Idler W.
  • Lach E.
  • Schmalen L.
  • Schuh K.

We evaluated spectral efficiency versus reach of a 1 Tbit/s 4-carriers super-channel system in the German nationwide backbone network achieved with an extended family of probabilistically shaped constellations using 16QAM, 36QAM and 64QAM.

EnvB: An Environment-based Mobile Browser for the Web of Things

  • Boussard M.
  • Lu M.
  • Mivielle C.
  • Richir S.
  • Thebault P.

Wireless Ticket Exchange boosts Telecommunication Sector

  • Wajda W.

Market evolution poses challenges for future telecommunication networks. On one side, pressure on network operators regarding technology investments and decreasing revenue; while on the other side, changes in customer behavior and perception give rise to the quest for structural re-organization and for new business strategies in the telecommunications business. This ...

Impact of Temperature on Spatial Hole Burning and Modulation Bandwidth of Reflective Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers

  • Maho A.

Self-Seeded RSOA transmitters are a possible implementation of wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) passive optical networks (PON). Although good results were obtained [], their cost and power consumption are still an issue. To improve these performances, the RSOA should operated in an uncooled or a semi-uncooled regime and thus avoiding the ...

Vision for Network Softwarization and Security

  • Betge-Brezetz S.
  • Dietrich C.
  • Dotaro E.
  • Wary J.

This extended abstract introduces an overview of security challenges introduced by the evolution towards a new ICT generation based on IT and networks convergence using Virtualization and Software Defined approaches.

Multi-Connectivity Functional Architectures in 5G

  • Aziz D.
  • Bakker H.

This contribution will be the part of a full IEEE ICC 2016 conference paper with the above title which will be submitted under the EU-Funded 5G-NORMA consortium. On behalf of ALU, we contribute in 5G-NORMA research project on the topic of Multi-Connectivity with a focus on the integration of mmWave ...

A wavelength tunable ONU transmitter based on multi-mode Fabry-Perot laser and micro-ring resonator for bandwidth symmetric TWDM-PON

  • Gao Z.
  • Sun X.
  • Zhang K.

Wavelength tunable optical transmitter is an essential component for the newly standardized time and wavelength division multiplexed passive optical network (TWDM-PON), where tunable ONU with 10Gb/s bit rate is desired to provide 40Gb/s symmetric bandwidth. In this paper, a novel wavelength tunable optical transmitter is proposed by reusing legacy low ...

C-RAN fronthaul enhancements using Software Defined Networking

  • Aravinthan G.
  • Boviz D.
  • Roullet L.

Cloud Radio Access Networks (C-RAN) offer numerous advantages both on the functional and the hardware plane. We can efficiently control the access network using Software Defined Networking, but it is not the only benefit of SDN technology. Optimization of various network features and elements can be done by plug-and-play applications ...

Where Mobile Meets Cloud - Journey to 5G with vRAN / NFV

  • Reinink K.
  • Segel J.
  • Urie A.

This chart set describes the role of virtualization and NFV in effecting the transition from VRAN 4G LTE to 5G; 5G will bring a broad range of new services at various capability, price, cost and performance points with a focus on end-to-end services and flexible personalization. New technologies such as ...

Flexible Data Plane for Zero Trust Security in Data Centers and Its Instantiation using ONOS Intent Framework

  • Chang H.
  • Lakshman T.
  • Mukherjee S.
  • Wang L.

Zero Trust security in a data center requires that every entity (VMs, hosts, users, etc.) within the data center is protected from one another through strict traffic scrutiny. Current solutions enforce this by controlling the reachability of traffic in and out of any entity. However, the security functions must be ...

Energy Consumption Aspects of Cache-Empowered Heterogeneous Networks: Optimization and Analysis

  • Conte A.
  • Perabathini B.

This paper presents an theorethical analysis of the energy consumption of caching strategies when applied to heterogeneous networks. The mathemathical analysis is based on stochastic geometry.