Second-Order Semi-Blind Adaptive Interference Cancellation: Maximum Likelihood Solution

  • Kuzminskiy A.
  • Y. Abramovich

The synchronous interference cancellation problem is addressed when training and working intervals are available, containing the desired signal and completely overlapping interference. A maximum likelihood (ML) approach is applied for estimation of the structured covariance matrices over both training and working intervals for a Gaussian dtaa model. The special case ...

On Optical Communication: Reflections and Perspectives

  • Kogelnik H.

Optical communication has advanced into the tera-era deploying 1/2 terameter of fiber and carrying several Tb/s per fiber. Remaining challenges include extending the success of point-to-point long-haul to metropolitan networks and broadband access applications.

Photochemical Stabilization of Pentacene and Substituted Pentacene in Solution and in Thin Films

  • Chandross E.
  • K. Raghavachari
  • Katz H.
  • Maliakal A.

The organic semiconductor pentacene has shown the highest thin film field effect mobilities of any organic semiconductor, yet it suffers from instability towards oxidation. 6,13-Bis(triisopropylsilylethynyl) pentacene (2) has been reported by Anthony et al. (J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2001, 123, 9482-9483) as a functionalized pentacene that is soluble in common ...

A Novel Optical Vector Spectral Analysis Technique Employing a Limited Bandwidth Detector

  • Madsen C.

A new technique for obtaining frequency-dependent magnitude and phase information for an optical channel is presented that has application to optical monitoring, including dispersive effects, and for input to the control of adaptive optical filters. A test signal consisting of an optical comb of frequencies is generated, and the analysis ...

Routing Bandwidth-Guaranteed Paths with Restoration in Label-Switched Networks Routing Bandwidth-Guaranteed paths with Restoration in Label-Switched

  • Buddhikot M.
  • M. Waldvogel
  • Norden S.
  • S. Suri

In this paper, we investigate distributed algorithms for routing of end-to-end LSPs with backup restoration in the context of label-switched networks. Specifically, we propose a new concept of the Backup Load Distribution (BLD) matrix that captures partial network state and eliminates the problems of bandwidth wastage, pessimistic link selection, and ...

Efficient and Robust Cancellation of Echoes with Long Echo Path Delay

  • Liu J.

This paper presents an efficient and robust scheme to cancel echoes with long echo path delay. In the scheme, Wavelet Pack (WP) decomposition based subband adaptation is applied to yield low computational complexity as well as high echo return loss. Meanwhile, a three-state switching architecture that switches among low order ...

The 4GPLUS Project, Overview and Main Results

  • Brok J.
  • H. Van Kranenburg
  • J. Laarhuis
  • J. Van Vugt
  • M. Bargh
  • Plas D.

A 4G-environment is based on the integration of 3G mobile and other wired and wireless technologies into an all-IP network environment. Central to such an environment is a 4G-service platform, which offers services such as AAA, mobility management and session control, and also mediates between the users and providers of ...

High-Speed Electrical Backplane Transmission Using Duobinary Signaling

  • Adamiecki A.
  • Duelk M.
  • Sinsky J.

High-speed electrical data transmission through low cost backplanes is a particularly challenging problem. We present for the first time a very effective approach that uses the concept of duobinary signalling to accomplish this task. Using a finite impulse response filter, we are able to compensate for the phase and amplitude ...

Electron Dynamics in Quantum Dots on Helium Surface

  • M.I. Dykman
  • P. Seddighrad
  • Platzman P.

We study single-electron quantum dots on a helium surface created by electrodes submerged into the helium. The parameters of the dots are electrostatically controlled. We find the electron energy spectrum and identify relaxation mechanisms. The in-plane confinement significantly slows down electron relaxation. The energy relaxation is due primarily to coupling ...

Capacity Estimation for Growth Planning of Cellular Networks in the Presence of Temporal and Spatial Traffic Fluctuations

  • Drabeck L.
  • Flanagan M.
  • Hampel K.
  • Polakos P.
  • Rittenhouse G.
  • Srinivasan J.

Mobile traffic patterns are subject to rapid fluctuations over time, hence making network growth planning a cumbersome task for cellular-network providers. We introduce a network capacity metric that captures both temporal and spatial traffic fluctuations, and that can be derived from hourly service measurements as used for network growth planning. ...

Memoir/Biography - Cassius Chapin Cutler

  • Tien P.

(introduction) The economy was in deep depression between 1928 and 1934 and the country went to World War II between 1939 and 1945. Cassius Chapin Cutler built his character and the strength in those chaotic years. He led a successful career of research in communication science for more than four ...

An Efficiently Checkable, Proof-Based Formulation of Vacuity in Model Checking

  • Namjoshi K.

Model checking algorithms may sometimes report a property as being true for reasons that can be considered vacuous. Current algorithms for detecting the vacuous varification of a correctness property require either the generation of a quadratic size witness formula, or several model checking runs, either alternative may be quite expensive ...

Automata as Abstractions

  • Dams D.
  • Namjoshi K.

Here, we propose to consider automata directly as abstract systems, and show that the resulting framework is complete. By using non-alternating automata, we can identify a minimal set of concepts needed to create complete abstraction frameworks. Moreover, we show that this proposal serves to clarify a large body of work ...

Phase-Sensitive Amplification in Long-Haul Communication Systems

  • Jopson R.
  • Mckinstrie C.

In recent years there has been a resurgence of interest in the use of phase-sensitive amplifiers in optical communication systems. We review research on parametric amplification and phase conjugation, and describe recent experiments with fiber parametric amplifiers in wavelength-division-multiplexed systems.

Analysis of Sub-Wavelength Traffic Grooming Efficiency in Optical Mesh Networks

  • D. Saha
  • H. Kobayashi
  • S. Biswas
  • S. Datta
  • Sengupta S.

Two-tier network architectures ([4],[5]) combine the benefits of STS-1 and STS-48 switches by using an upper tier of STS-48 switches for routing and restoration and a lower tier of STS-1 switches for grooming efficiency. A partial two-tier architecture, where STS-1 switches are restricted to a subset of the network nodes, ...

Crystallization of Charge Holes in the Spin Ladder of Sr14Cu24O41

  • A. Rusydi
  • Blumberg G.
  • E.D. Isaacs
  • G.A. Sawatzky
  • Gozar A.
  • H. Eisaki
  • L. Venema
  • P. Abbamonte
  • P.G. Evans
  • Siegrist T.

Spin ladders are low-dimensional systems that exhibit close competition between superconductivity and static crystallization of doped carriers. This competition closely resembles that between ordered stripes and superconductivity in high temperature superconductors. Here we report the observation of a commensurate, sinusoidal, five-lattice-parameter valence modulation in the spin ladder of Sr14Cu24)41 with ...

Constant Effective Mass Across the Phase Diagram of High-T Cuprates

  • Blumberg G.

We investigate the hole dynamics in two prototypical high temperature superconducting systems: La2-xSrxCuO4 and YBa2Cu3Oy using a combination of DC transport and infrared spectroscopy. By exploring the effective spectral weight obtained with optics in conjuncion with DC Hall results we find that the transition to the Mott insulating state in ...

Universally Composable Password-Based Key Exchange (NOT KNOWN IF TALK GIVEN)

  • J. Katz
  • Mackenzie P.
  • R. Canetti
  • S. Halevi
  • Y. Lindell

We put forward a definition of security for password-based key exchange within the framework of universal composability. In addition to providing security guarantees under arbitrary composition with other protocols, our definition directly models aspects of the problem that were not adequately addressed by most prior notions. Specifically, our definition does ...

Voice Over IP Security Issues

  • Mcbride G.

An important theme of this chapter is the segmentation of network traffic into logical groups to minimize the risk of eavesdropping, traffic insertion, and manipulation. In addition, no single recommendation in this chapter will provide sufficient security to adequately protect a VoIP infrastructure. It is a thorough defense in depth, ...

Capacity-Achieving Input Covariance for Single-User Multi-Antenna Channels

  • A.M. Tulino
  • Lozano A.
  • S. Verdu

We characterize the capacity-achieving input covariance for multi-antenna channels known instantaneously at the receiver and in distribution at the transmitter. Our characterization, valid for arbitrary numbers of antennas, encompasses both the eigenvectors and the eigenvalues. The eigenvectors are found for zero-mean channels with arbitrary fading profiles and a wide range ...