Ceramic Optical Package: Material Requirements and Guidelines for Material Selection

  • Johnson D.
  • Rhodes W.
  • Yan M.

Recently it has been demonstrated that certain ceramic materials can provide cost effective and high quality packages to house optical and electronic components for lightwave communication applications.

Exporting OA&M to End-Customer: An Integrated Network Management Prototype

  • Perry K.

A prototype system, developed at AT&T, supports a premiere ISDN customer's network management needs by exporting selected features from existing Bell Operating Company Element Management Systems. The prototype provides a major step towards the goal of end-to-end network management by combining diverse functions to a single integrated user interface.

X-ray Diffraction Determination of Multilayer W(001) Reconstruction :

  • Altman M.
  • Estrup P.
  • Robinson I.

Special considerations apply to the measurement of two-dimensional (2-D) structure factors. First of all, there is strictly no well-defined, integrated intensity because the data are continuous functions of perpendicular momentum transfer.

Hydromagnetic Waves Associated with Possible Flux Transfer Events

  • Lanzerotti L.
  • Maclennan C.

Magnetic fluctuations in the hydromagnetic energy band ~0 to ~0.05 Hz are examined at magnetospheric cusp latitudes during two times when ionspheric signatures of possible flux-transfer events were evident in the data.

High Performance Ga sub (0.4) In sub (0.6) As/Al sub (0.55) In sub (0.45) As Pseudomorphic Modulation-Doped Field-Effect Transistors Prepared by MBE

  • Chang T.
  • Feuer M.
  • Kuo J.

Ga sub (0.47) In sub (0.53) As/Al sub (0.48) In sub (0.52) As Heterostructures lattice matched to InP have several potential advantages over GaAs/AlGaAs heterostructures for the fabrication of high speed/high frequency modulation-doped field-effect transistors (MODFETs).

Self-Aligned Contact Schemes for Source-Drain-Bases in Submicron Devices

  • Lynch W.

This tutorial reviews the basic simulations in source-drain- base parasitics and source-drain-base contacts as devices are scaled to the submicron regime. The major portion of the paper reviews the various proposals to provide local interconnect layers which interface with the source-drain-base and from which all contact windows to metal- 1 ...

A Light-Traffic Approximation for Single-Class Departure Processes from Multi-Class Queues

  • Whitt W.

This paper discusses a light-traffic approximation for multi- class queues: If the arrival rate of a class upon one visit to the queue is a small proportion of the total arrival rate there, then the departure process for that class from that visit should be nearly the same as the ...

Sources of the "Crisis" in Liability Insurance: An Economic Analysis

  • Clarke R.
  • Simon M.
  • Smith D.
  • Warren-Boulton F.

Earlier versions of this paper were presented at the session on, "Insurance Availability and Pricing," Allied Social Sciences Association Meetings, December 29, 1986; and included as an appendix to, "An Update" on the Liability Crisis," Tort Policy Working Group, U.S. Department of Justice, March 1987.

Projections: Mapmakers' Answers to the Riddle of Depicting a Round Earth on Flat Paper

  • Mcilroy M.

A portfolio of computer-drawn maps illustrating the principles of map projection with descriptive and historical commentary is based on a lecture for the New York Map Society. An appendix gives recipes for constructing the maps with the UNIX map program.

On Riemann's Zeta Function

  • Odlyzko A.

This series of three lectures will describe the current knowledge of the computational complexity of the Riemann zeta function. New algorithms will be presented which allow the efficient computation of large numbers of values of the zeta function simultaneously.

Security of Knapsack Cryptosystems

  • Odlyzko A.

This talk will survey the latest results on knapsack-type public- key cryptosystems, with special emphasis on low density attacks. The only such cryptosystem that is still unbroken, due to Chor and Rivest, will also be presented.

Islanding and Surface Diffusion in Semiconductor Heteroepitaxy: Ge and Sn on Si

  • Fisanick G.
  • Gossmann H.

Surface diffusion and related phenomena such as islanding play an important role during growth of strained layer structures by molecular beam epitaxy.

New Analytic Algorithms in Number Theory

  • Odlyzko A.

This talk will describe several new algorithms in number theory. They all have the common feature that they deal with finite precision computations of analytic functions. While this is quite natural in some settings, i others it is rather surprising, since these algorithms are used to compute exactly some integer-valued ...

The purity of Tungsten Hexafluoride Determined by Fourier Transform Mass Spectrometry

  • Ali Y.
  • Green M.
  • Reents W.

Four commercial samples of tungsten hexafluoride were analyzed for purity by Fourier transform mass spectrometry. Impurities were identified by accurately measuring the masses of the ions observed. Quantitation was based on ion intensities, which were corrected for ionization cross sections of the molecule, fragment ion abundance, and diffusion rate into ...

Sonochemical Emulsion Synthesis of New Metal-Metal Bond Branched Silicon and Germanium Polymers

  • Bianconi P.
  • Weidman T.

A new synthetic approach has been developed for the synthesis of new and existing silicon and germanium metal-metal bonded polymers. The method employs high intensity ultrasound to instantaneously emulsify liquid alkali metal alloys during their reaction with ethereal solutions of R sub 1 R sub 2 MCI sub 2 (R ...

Operations Features for Advanced Lightwave Systems

  • Chan T.
  • Donvito M.

Flexible and Powerful operations features are needed for modern lightwave transmission systems. With the evolution from point- to-point systems which simply transmit digital signals form one central office to another to interconnected networks including optical transmission, multiplexing, add/drop, and electronic cross-connect, there is a need for systems to provision, maintain, ...

5ESS(TM) Switching System Large-Scale Real Time Program Retrofit

  • Toy L.

In conventional computer systems, upgrading the system to provide more features and higher performance often involves archiving software, taking the system down, replacing the system and making old software packages compatible with the new system.

Hot Electron Transport in the AlSb/InAs/GaSb Double Heterostructure Prepared by Molecular Beam Epitaxy

  • Chiu T.
  • Levi A.

Thin film epitaxial crystal growth and continued reduction in device dimensions has led to the emergence of a class of structures in which charge transport is non-diffusive. For example, there is interest in developing ultrafast electronic and opto-electronic devices in semiconductors utilizing hot electron transport over length scales much smaller ...

Polymerization Within A Solid Polymer

  • Galvin M.
  • Heffner S.

Butadiene has been polymerized in polystyrene with several Ziegler-Natta catalysts via an in-situ technique. We have found that the structure of the polybutadiene is different when polymerization occurs within a solid below its glass transition temperature. For catalysts containing halide ligands, a significant amount of cyclotrimerization of butadiene is observed ...