Electronic Structure and Superconductivity of High T sub c Cu-Oxides

  • Schluter M.

The electronic structure of the high T sub c superconducting compounds La sub 2 CuO sub 4 and YBa sub 2 Cu sub 3 O sub 7 is discussed. The 40K material La sub 2 CuO sub 4 is analyzed in detail. The conventional band picture yields a metal which ...

Zero Inflated Poisson Regression

  • Lambert D.

Zero Inflated Poisson (ZIP) regression is a new model for count data with excess zeros. A highly reliable manufacturing process, for example, may be in a perfect state (zero defects) a fraction of the time and in an imperfect state that gives both zero and positive counts the rest of ...

System-Level Design Verification in the AT&T Computer Division: Tools

  • Abramovici M.
  • Kulikowski J.
  • Menon P.
  • Miller D.

This paper presents the CAD tools used for system-level design verification in the AT&T Computer Division. We discuss features of the tools for building and preparing the model of the system, for developing tests, for simulation, for static timing analysis, for results analysis, and for circuit comparison.

Electronic Windows: Issues for Corporate Information Centers

  • Levy L.

Corporate libraries or information centers are increasingly making their products and services accessible via 'electronic windows'. These windows bring the power of the corporate information center to the desk tops of individual employees irregardless or their geographical location. Without having to enter a physical library, employees can: (1) find answers ...

Review of John Lehrberger, Laurent Bourbeau, Machine Translation: Linguistic Characteristics of MT Systems and General Methodology of Evaluation, 1988, John Benjamins Publishing Co.

  • Oliver N.

The Machine Translation (MT) field has reason to be concerned about user evaluations of its product. The 1966 ALPAC report, which concluded that contemporary MT systems were not cost-effective compared to manual translation, had a catastrophic effect on funding in the field. Because MT is regarded as more of an ...

In Situ Plasma-Surface Diagnostics

  • Downey S.
  • Gottscho R.
  • Mitchell A.
  • Scheller G.

Plasma processing is used routinely to modify surfaces; for example in etching, deposition, and passivation. Monitoring these surface changes in situ in real time is important both for understanding basic plasma chemistry and developing and controlling device processing. Several in situ plasma-surface monitoring techniques will be discussed with particular emphasis ...

SL Undersea Lightguide Cable Design, Materials and Processes

  • Stix M.

Undersea optical systems are designed to reliably carry a large volume of telecommunications traffic. Due to the Severe economic and social impacts of a system failure in terms of communication disruption, lost revenues, repair costs, and reduction of user confidence, extreme emphasis is placed on highly reliable performance of the ...

AI Applications to CAD - Tutorial

  • Kowalski T.

VLSI design synthesis is a method for designing hardware that starts with an algorithmic description and uses interactive computer programs to create a finished design. In this tutorial we concentrate on the synthesis, or allocation, of the implementation-design space as it advances from an algorithmic description of a VLSI system ...

High Temperature Supconductivity

  • Siegrist T.

High T Superconductivity has been in the news recently. This talk will describe the mechanism of superconductivity and its applications. A demo will be presented.

Purity of 1% SiH sub 4 and 1% SiCl sub 2 H sub 2 In H sub 2: relation to Deposited Film Purity

  • Brasen D.
  • Green M.
  • Luftman H.
  • Reents W.

The purity of 1% silane, dichlorosilane and germane in hydrogen were evaluated by Fourier transform mass spectrometry. The method involved introduction of the sample without prior separation. Semiquantitative information was obtained by chemical ionization, using the hydrogen present, and observing the kinetics of formation of ions derived from impurity molecules. ...

SONET Standard Multiplexing: Providing Capabilities For The Networks Of The 1990's

  • Sparks K.

The most significant features that SONET standard multiplexing introduces to network elements are a flexible, modular multiplexing scheme, VT/STS pointers, service/overhead separation, section/line/path layering, and the standardization of rates, formats, OAM&P features, and OS interfaces. These features are shown to translate into real benefits for the service provider: network flexibility, ...

Fractional Quantum Hall Features in the Quantum Limit

  • Jiang H.
  • Pfeiffer L.
  • Stormer H.
  • Tsui D.
  • West K.
  • Willett R.

The interest in transport properties of a 2D electron gas in the magnetic quantum limit has recently focused on the possibility of a phase transition from quantum liquid states of the fractional quantum Hall effect (FQHE) to a magnetic field-induced electron solid as the Landau level filling factor v is ...

Axial Coordination in Myoglobin Transients at Low pH

  • Han S.
  • Rousseau D.

Low pH transients (pH ~2.5) of deoxy, CO-bound and met myoglobins were generated in a rapid mixing apparatus. The transients were examined with resonance Raman and optical absorption spectroscopies. The optical absorption spectra confirmed those reported previously on various myoglobins at low pH. The resonance Raman spectra reveal new structural ...

Superior Metal Step Coverage and Dielectric Quality in a Simple Two-Level Metal 1.0micron CMOS Technology

  • Chew H.
  • Fieber C.
  • Hills G.
  • Lytle S.
  • Martin E.
  • Selamoglu N.

A two-level metal process for a fourth generation 1.0micron CMOS technology has been developed which yields superior step coverages and void-free dielectrics without introducing complicated processing sequences. The process is cost-effective since it includes traditional materials and high throughput operations, and is readily extendable to three levels of metal. The ...

IOn Implantation and Damage in High T sub c Superconductors

  • White A.

As thin films of the new high T sub c oxide superconductors become available, ion beams are playing a significant role in materials modification and analysis. At AT&T Bell Laboratories, we are using ion keV ion beams for implantation, Rutherford Backscattering analysis, and damage studies.

Modeling of Heat and Mass Transfer in the Manufacture of Optical Waveguides

  • Atkins R.
  • Bautista J.
  • Walker K.

Due to the increased use of optical waveguide in the communications industry, there is an ever increasing need for the high quality production and controlled deposition of doped silica particles. However, the complex coupling of heat and mass transfer processes during fabrication precluded the empirical approach to either the refinement ...

On Formation of Glassy Metals

  • Chen H.

Current known glaa-forming alloys may be grouped into three categories: transition-metal containing about 10-30% semimetal, alloys of early transition metals and late transition metals, and alloys containing group IIA metals. All the glass forming alloys have common features; strong interaction between consituent atoms and low lying eutectic.

Magnetic Impulse Events at High Latitudes: Magnetopause and Boundary Layer Plasma Processes

  • Lanzerotti L.
  • Maclennan C.
  • Medford L.
  • Trivedi N.
  • Wolfe A.

Magnetic field data acquired at high latitude, near-conjugate stations (Iqaluit, Northwest Territories, Canada and South Pole Station, Antarctica) are studied in order to examine in more detail the nature of magnetic `impulse` signatures that occur in the data and that are produced by ionosphere currents which are caused by magnetopause ...

AT&T's Integrated Access Cross-Connect System (IACS)

  • Gruensfelder M.
  • Malaret-Collazo A.
  • Sherif M.

The Integrated Access Cross-connect System (IACS) is an AT&T product based on the Wideband Packet Technology. The IACS has two components: the Integrated Access Terminal (IAT) and the Integrated Acess Controller (IAC). The IAC offers centralized control, operations and maintenance for a network of IATs. An IAT provides direct digital ...