GaAs Multi-Quantum Well Reflection Modulators Grown on GaAs and Silicon Substrates

  • Boyd G.
  • Chemla D.
  • Cunningham J.
  • Goossen K.
  • Jan W.
  • Lum R.
  • Miller D.

We have performed photocurrent and reflection measurements of GaAs multi-quantum well modulators on dielectric mirrors grown simultaneously on GaAs and silicon substrates.

New Horizons for the Intelligent Network Concept

  • Lark S.

Objectives for the talk: 1. Present AT&T as understanding the types of services that are emerging on the international level in the 1990's. 2. Present AT&T as understanding the types of network functionality required to support these services in the context of international issues.

Total Network Surveillance and Self Healing Networks

  • Daino J.

Self Healing Networks are fast becoming a reality. This presentation discusses an approach to self healing with integrated surveillance. The three major components necessary for self healing; automated alerting, analysis and restoration, are presented. Included are the surveillance of digital networks and the relationship to self healing networks. The importance ...

Organization of Decentralized Information Processing (Preliminary Report)

  • Radner R.

Although managers in a firm have many different functions, one of their important functions is that of processing information. However, individual managers are limited in their information-processing capacities. In the context of a decision-theoretic model of a firm, I represent managers at individual processors of limited capacity, using ideas from ...

Relative Sensitivity Factors and Estimated Ionization Potentials for Molecular Ions in SIMS

  • Stevie F.
  • Wilson R.

We have measured the RSFs/relative ion yields of molecular and atomic ions, I sup +, IO sup +, IM sub x sup +, and IOM sub x sup +, using oxygen SIMS, and I sup -, IO sup -, IM sub x sup -, and IOM sub x sup -, ...

Applications of SIMS to Microelectronics Processing: Characterization and Problem Solving

  • Stevie F.

The SIMS technique is reviewed. The application of SIMS to microelectronics fabrication is demonstrated by following the processing of a silicon metal-oxide-semiconductor (MOS) structure from the silicon substrate up to deposition of a silicon nitride cap layer. Examples are presented for major process steps to show characterization of the structure ...

Neutral vs. Ionic Clusters of Carbon and Silicon: Stabilities and Magic Numbers

  • Raghavachari K.

Accurate ab initio calculations have been performed to investigate the structures and stabilities of neutral, positively charged, and negatively charged small clusters of carbon and silicon. Interesting examples where there are large changes in geometry between the neutral and ionic clusters will be highlighted and interpreted. The trends in ionization ...

International Operator Direct Connect Services - An Overview

  • Adhikari D.

International Operator Direct Connect (IODC) Services are the new international services that re becoming very popular in recent years. These services allow callers in one country to directly access operators in another country, most likely their home country, and complete the call using the operator's assistance. Such calls can be ...

Is the Electron Microscope the best Instrument for Playing Bach?

  • Ourmazd A.

It is now common to claim the fabrication of heterointerfaces, which are atomically flat over distances in the micron range. However, when chemical lattice imaging and digital pattern recognition are combined to examine quantitatively individual semiconductor heterointerfaces of the highest quality, substantial atomic scale roughness is observed. In this paper, ...

Liquid Air and Lasers

  • Thomas G.

A discussion of the elementary physics of cryogenics and lasers suitable for 7th and 8th graders.

Nonmonotonicity and the Scope of Reasoning

  • Etherington D.
  • Kraus S.
  • Perlis D.

Autocircumscription was introduced in part to modularize circumscription into a consistency part and a default part. We have found, to our surprise, that putting the two parts together can actually provide a stronger default mechanism than unmodularized circumscription. This depends in part on an assessment of the `scope` of reasoning, ...

Superconductivity and Chemical Instabilities

  • Murphy D.

It has long been believed that superconductivity is maximized near structural instabilities due to extreme softening of phonon modes responsible for the superconductivity. If newly proposed mechanisms involving Cooper pair formation via magnetic or electronic excitations apply to copper oxides, we might expect different types of instabilities. Evidence from several ...

Light Scattering Determination of Roton Densities of States in Landau Level Excitations of the 2D Electron Gas

  • Heiman D.
  • Pfeiffer L.
  • Pinczuk A.
  • Valladares J.
  • West K.

We have observed inelastic light scattering by inter-Landau-level excitations of the high mobility 2D electron gas in GaAs quantum wells. The excitations have large wavevectors q>~q sub o = 1/e sub o ~10 sup 6 cm sup (-1) where e sub o = sqrt h vector c/eB is the magnetic ...

Zero Inflated Poisson Regression

  • Lambert D.

Zero Inflated Poisson (ZIP) regression is a new model for count data with excess zeros. A highly reliable manufacturing process, for example, may be in a perfect state (zero defects) a fraction of the time and in an imperfect state that gives both zero and positive counts the rest of ...

Planar Integration of Free-Space Optical Components: A Theoretical Analysis

  • Jahns J.

We investigate the imaging properties of an optical system which consists of components which are integrated on one side of a planar substrate. The issues of interest are aberrations and light efficiency.

Neural Network Systems

  • Guyon I.

In the last few years, devices inspired by the architecture of the brain have become much more powerful. An upsurge of interest has brought together workers and ideas from many fields including neuroscience, physics, computer science, electrical engineering, psychology, and mathematics. A lot of effort has been concentrated on networks ...

Penetration of Hydromagnetic Energy Deep Into The Magnetosphere

  • Lanzerotti L.
  • Maclennan C.
  • Medford L.
  • Russell C.
  • Uberoi C.
  • Wolfe A.

Magnetometer data, acquired on spacecraft and simultaneously at high and low latitudes on the ground, are compared in order to study the propagation characteristics of hydromagnetic energy deep into the magnetosphere. Single events provide evidence that wave energy at L~3 can at times be only one order of magnitude lower ...

Double-Bump SMT for High I/O Interconnections

  • Lovasco F.
  • Oien M.

A new area-distributed surface-mount technology has been developed that is suitable for the solder assembly of VLSI pad grid array packages onto printed circuit boards. This new "double-bump" technology entails the controlled overlapping of molten solder-bumps on both package and board to form a nearly cylindrical joint. A mechanical standoff ...

Synthesis of Buried Compound Layers in Silicon by Ion Implantation

  • White A.

Ion implantation is widely used for doping semiconductors at low concentration, but, with the advent of a new generation of high ion current implanters, synthesizing new materials rather than simply doping them has become feasible.