Coupled-Core EDFA Compatible with FMF Transmission

We report a 6-core coupled-core fiber amplifier compatible with 6-mode FMF. The coupled-core amplifier not only reduces mode dependent gain but also introduces strong random mode mixing, thus easing mode dependent impairments in FMF transmission systems.

Ultra-fast Hitless 100Gbit/s Real-Time Bandwidth Variable Transmitter with SDN optical control

We designed an ultra-fast real-time bandwidth-variable transmitter achieving zeropacket loss with ∼10μs switching time, ∼40× faster than previous record. We use a new coding scheme to generate baud rates and measure reconfiguration through SDN control.

Scaling Optical Networking Technologies for Next Generation SDM

1. Network traffic growth remains strong Sold WDM transponder capacity scales at ∼45% Scaling is widely supported by compute, storage, access scaling Optical transport is significantly falling behind → Worrisome scaling disparities (“Capacity Crunch”) 2. Parallelism is mandatory log(SNR) scaling vs. linear (pre-log) multiplexing gains 3. By 2025 we will ...

Record-High 17.3-bit/s/Hz Spectral Efficiency Transmission over 50 km Using Probabilistically Shaped PDM 4096-QAM

  • Burrows E.
  • Chen X.
  • Cho J.
  • Olsson S.
  • Sethumadhavan C.
  • Winzer P.

We demonstrate transmission of a 10-subcarrier superchannel with a record-high intra-channel spectral efficiency of 17.3 bit/s/Hz over 50-km backward Raman amplified Corning Vascade EX2000 fiber using 3-GBd probabilistically shaped PDM 4096-QAM.

Scalable Mode sorter supporting 210 Hermite-Gaussian modes

  • Carpenter J.
  • Chen H.
  • Fontaine N.
  • Kim K.
  • Neilson D.
  • Ryf R.

We demonstrate a multi-plane light conversion device based on 7 planes which maps Hermite-Gaussian spatial modes with indices (m,n) onto a Cartesian grid (x,y) of diffraction limited spots for 210 spatial modes.

First Demonstration of an Ultra-Low-Latency Fronthaul Transport Over a Commercial TDM-PON Platform

  • Bidkar S.
  • Galaro J.
  • Pfeiffer T.

We demonstrate for the first time, feasibility of latency-critical mobile fronthaul (CPRI) transport over a 6 km PON infrastructure with co-existing residential broadband traffic using a standards-compliant commercial TDM-PON platform with a sub-200 µs round trip delay.

Fiber type dependent benefits when deploying up-to-300Gb/s elastic transponders adapting to ageing of margins

  • Pesic J.
  • Rossi N.
  • Zami T.

We compare cost savings when planning a WDM French backbone network based on SSMF or LEAF, with 32 GBaud elastic optical transponders adapting their capacity from 100 Gb/s to 300 Gb/s to the actual ageing margins.

1.6Tbps WDM Direct Detection Transmission with Virtual-Carrier over 1200km

  • Buchali F.
  • Buelow H.
  • Schuh K.
  • Thai Le S.

We demonstrate 1.6Tbps 8-channel WDM direct detection transmission with virtual carriers over a record distance of 1200km with Corning TXF fiber by using either Kramers-Kronig receiver or a low complexity interference cancellation scheme.

Probabilistic Constellation Shaping: Challenges and Opportunities for Forward Error Correction

  • Schmalen L.

We discuss the impact of probabilistic amplitude shaping on the forward error correction stage in future optical transceivers and highlight some potential pitfills, as well as challenges and opportunities for future research that may arise.

Influence of the maturity of technology on the benefit of 75 GHz-spaced 64 GBaud channels in WDM elastic networks

  • Bertolini M.
  • Lavigne B.
  • Zami T.

We quantify how the benefit of 75 GHz-spaced 64 GBaud channels in WDM core transparent networks depends on the associated elastic modulation set and on the maturity of transponder implementation, that impact WDM transmission reaches

The Kramers-Kronig Receiver

This presentation reviews the operation principles and various implementations of the Kramers-Kronig (KK) receiver. We show that the KK scheme offers new ways of considering the process of data transmission and reception, with respect to the use of the spectral and polarization degrees of freedom. Some of the recently published ...

Ultra-High Bandwidth Integrated Lithium Niobate Modulators with Record-Low Vpi

  • Bertrand M.
  • Chen X.
  • Loncar M.
  • Sethumadhavan C.
  • Shams-Ansari A.
  • Wang C.
  • Winzer P.
  • Zhang M.

We demonstrate integrated lithium niobate electro-optic modulators with up to 100-GHz electro-optic bandwidth and Vpi as low as 1.4 V. We show 70 GBaud and 100 GBuad m-ASK modulation with the fabricated modulator.

Balancing Probabilistic Shaping and Forward Error Correction for Optimal System Performance

  • Cho J.

We review probabilistic shaping (PS) and forward error correction (FEC) and study the interplay between the two to jointly maximize the overall information rate.

SOA for future PONs

  • Bonk R.

SOA applicability to provide up to 35 dB power budget for high-rate T(W)DM-PON is analyzed. Booster and pre-amplifier in PON-applications will have utmost importance in 50 Gbit/s/wavelength IM-DD and could also be applied in coherent access solutions.

Nonlinear propagation equations for arbitrary levels of random linear coupling between modes

  • Agrawal G.
  • Buch S.
  • Essiambre R.
  • Mumtaz S.
  • Tulino A.

We derive expressions that enable the study of the impact of arbitrary levels of linear coupling between spatial modes on nonlinear propagation in space-division multiplexed transmission systems, valid for both multimode and coupled-core fibers.

Using Raman Gain to Offset Excess Losses of an Intelligent Optical Distribution Network in a TWDM PON

  • Iannone P.
  • Straub M.

We use bi-directional distributed Raman amplification to offset the excess losses of an intelligent splitter module. We demonstrate this technique in a 42-km, 1:32 split, TWDM PON.

Observe-Decide-Act: Experimental Demonstration of Self-Healing Network

  • Delezoide C.
  • Kostas Christodoulopoulos
  • Nicola Sambo

We experimentally demonstrate a self-healing network using monitoring information to reconfigure faulty links through SDN

Components for High Speed 5G Access

  • Achouche M.
  • Bonk R.
  • Borkowski R.
  • Debregeas H.
  • Pfeiffer T.

Emerging access networks raise the need for specific components. We present a counter-heating method for wavelength stabilisation in NGPON2 TWDM-PON systems. Then we present a +6dBm high-power externally modulated laser at 10Gb/s and 28Gb/s for XGS-PON or 25G-EPON systems.

31.2-Tb/s real time bidirectional transmission of 78x400 Gb/s interleaved channels over C band of one 90-km SMF span

  • Bertran Pardo O.
  • David J.
  • Faure J.
  • Lavigne B.
  • Le Monnier M.
  • Weisser S.
  • Zami T.

We transmit 78x400Gb/s PDM-64QAM 50GHz-spaced channels over one 90-km SSMF span with real time transponder, transporting 31.2 Tb/s with 8 bit/s/Hz spectral efficiency

White Gaussian Noise based Capacity Estimate and Characterization of Fiber-Optic Links

  • Alvarado-Zacarias J.
  • Alvarez-Aguirre R.
  • Amezcua Correa R.
  • Chen H.
  • Essiambre R.
  • Fontaine N.
  • Koonen T.
  • Okonkwo C.
  • Ryf R.
  • Van Weerdenburg J.

We use white Gaussian noise as a test signal for single-mode and multimode transmission links and estimate the link capacity based on a calculation of mutual information. We also extract the complex amplitude channel estimations and mode-dependent loss with high accuracy.