Energy Reduction Strategies in Elastic Optical Networks based on Traffic Aware Distributed GMPLS Control Plane

  • Morea A.
  • Verchere D.

The daily, weekly, and yearly traffic variations and traffic growth as well as energy efficiency strategies based on elastic optical networks, sleep mode and grooming strategies represent a good environment for achieving significant energy savings. We adapt the resources assigned for an optical channel by using a GMPLS distributed control ...

Graph Anonymization using Machine Learning, presentation for AINA 2014

  • Ludovic Denoyer
  • Maag M.
  • Patrick Gallinari

Presentation for the paper "Graph Anonymization using Machine Learning" accepted to the conference AINA 2014.

Power efficient service differentiation based on traffic-aware survivable elastic optical networks

  • Morea A.

This study assesses the feasibility of defining different service classes based on protection schemes in core optical networks. Moreover, we propose a dedicated energy saving strategy for each of the service classes in order to minimize the overall power consumption of the network. Four classes of service are proposed: platinum, ...

Impact of traffic fluctuations and dedicated protection on energy savings in dynamic elastic optical networks

  • Morea A.
  • Turus I.
  • Verchere D.

We present an analysis of the energy savings when taking into account a realistic traffic model. Daily and weekly traffic fluctuations as well as yearly traffic growth are taken into account when analyzing the power consumption given by the powered-on equipment as well as the IDLE opto-electronic devices. We also ...

Load-based Transparent Reach Maximization in Elastic Optical Networks

  • Alberto Bononi
  • Morea A.
  • Paolo Serena

We propose a novel power-selection strategy for maximizing the transparent reach in elastic optical networks based on knowledge of the average wavelength load, and we quantify the savings in regenerations with respect to using the full-load standard reach.

IoT360 Lecture on IoT Service Platforms

  • Roelands M.

Invited lecture at IoT360 Summer School, 31/10/2014, Rome, Italy, Abstract: IoT Service platforms are not different from other (possibly distributed) stream-intensive service creation and execution environments, but the IoT perspective elicits generalisable requirements related to the observation & actuation interaction the platform has with the real world in which ...

Metro optical networking

  • Chen Y.
  • Fatehi M.

Voice over ATM

  • Chambers M.
  • Kaur H.