Dual and Hybrid PTP modules

  • Bui D.
  • Michel
  • Pallec L.

the IEEE 1588-2008 standard [ 1 ] introduces and specifies Boundary Clock (BC) and Transparent Clock (TC) concepts in order to address stringent time distribution requirements (e.g. 1 µs accuracy for the end application) across a communication network. Both concepts present different strengths and weaknesses which are generally used as ...

Cognitive Radio in Wireless Networks

  • Mange G.

2. Scenarios 3. System architecture 4. Cognitive Radio Management 5. Cognitive Spectrum Management 6. Standardization activities 7. Regulation aspects 8. References and acknowledgements

Selection of a Rate Adaptation Scheme for Network Hardware

  • Francini A.

Rate adaptation is a family of technologies driven by the expectation that large energy savings can be achieved in packet networks by dynamically adjusting the capacity of network components to the load that they are required to sustain. Depending on the scope of their application, whether at the network, system, ...

All-optical OFDM transmission of 7 x 5-Gb/s data over 84-km standard single-mode fiber without dispersion compensation and time gating using a photonic-integrated optical DFT device

  • Buhl L.
  • Cappuzzo M.
  • Chandrasekhar S.
  • Chen Y.
  • Gomez L.
  • Kang I.
  • Lgs: Cabot
  • Liu X.
  • Rasras M.
  • S Jaques J.

We implement dispersion-tolerant and time-gating-free alloptical OFDM transmission using a photonic-integrated discrete Fourier transform (DFT) device. We show that 35-Gb/s OFDM data having nearunity spectral efficiency can be transmitted all-optically with 1-dB dispersion margin of ~1000 ps/nm. The passive-optical DFT circuit is implemented using multi-mode interference (MMI) couplers on a ...

Higher-capacity communication links based on two-mode phase-sensitive amplifiers

  • Alic N.
  • Karlsson M.
  • Mckinstrie C.

Optical communication links are usually made with erbium-doped fiber amplifiers, which amplify the signal waves in phase-insensitive (PI) manners. They can also be made with parametric fiber amplifiers, in which the signal waves interact with idler waves. If information is transmitted using only the signals, parametric amplifiers are PI and ...

Asymptotic Products of Independent Gaussian Random Matrices with Correlated Entries

  • Tucci G.

In this work we address the problem of determining the asymptotic spectral measure of the product of independent, Gaussian random matrices with correlated entries, as the dimension and the number of multiplicative terms goes to infinity. We show for a fixed number of multiplicative terms $n$ the spectral measure of ...


  • Rondao Alface P.
  • Verzijp J.

Spherical Video is nowadays popular, in particular for interactive on-line entertainment multimedia applications such as Google Street View, as well as for Geographical Information Systems (GIS), video surveillance applications etc. The user is able to explore and navigate audio/visual scenes by freely choosing viewpoint and viewing direction. Spherical Video is ...

A Priority-aware Hybrid Multi-hop Energy Saving Strategy for Inter-eNB Scenario 2

  • Yang T.
  • Zhong C.

In this paper, we investigate the problem of energy saving (ES) for wireless access networks, especially for the inter-eNB scenario 2 which is a typical non-overlapped scenario specified by 3GPP. Due to the uneven distribution of the traffic load both over time and over cells, energy efficiency can be improved ...

Game Theory and Reinforcement Learning for inter-provider SLA negotiation

  • Lamali M.
  • Pouyllau H.

The emergence of high-demanding applications over the Internet leads to reconsider economic agreements among Network Service Providers (NSPs) in order to guarantee Quality of Service (QoS) across various networks (e.g. end-to-end delay, bandwidth, etc.). Service Level Agreements (SLA) sustaining both QoS and business commitments have to be negotiated among NSPs. ...

On the Way to High Bit-Rate MIMO Transport over Multimode Fiber

  • Al-Hashimi S.
  • Buelow H.
  • Franz B.

By increasing the receiver number stable direct-detection MIMO transmission over GI-MMF was demonstrated in lab. Different options of input / output couplers and their impact on processing complexity are discussed for coherent MIMO.

Towards energy-efficient packet processing in access nodes

  • Guenach M.
  • Hooghe K.

One of the main building blocks found in Ethernet based access nodes is the packet processor (PP) also called the network processor. The PP is typically implemented on lineboards of access nodes such as Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexers (DSLAM’s) for copper and Optical Line Terminals (OLT’s) for fiber. It ...

Real-time Polarization Division Multiplexed Coherent Optical OFDM Receiver at 9.83-GS/s for 28.6-Gb/s Single-band Intradyne Detection

  • Chen Y.
  • Corteselli S.
  • Kaneda N.
  • Leven A.
  • Pfau T.
  • Yang Q.

Real-time polarization division multiplexed coherent optical OFDM receiver is demonstrated to receive 28.6-Gb/s data stream per optical wavelength and per optical OFDM band. QPSK modulated sub-carriers are successfully detected using 9.83-GS/s ADCs and digital signal processing implemented on three FPGAs.

Optimized Fairness Cell Selection for 3GPP LTE-A Macro-Pico HetNets

  • Dongyao W.
  • Gang S.
  • Jianguo L.
  • Jiyong P.
  • K W.

Pico cell has been brought to cellular networks as a new technology to deliver cost-effective coverage and capacity to hard-to-reach places, and also increase capacity by cell splitting in hotspots with very dense phone usage. However, according to existing strongest receiving signal association method, pico cells with the extremely low ...

Advanced link-to-system modelling (Section: Channel Estimation Error Model and Multi-link Simulation)

  • Chen Y.
  • Nguyen L.
  • Wild T.

This deliverable summarizes the progress of the project on advanced link to system modelling both for imperfect and perfect channel state information at receiver.

Energy Efficient Networks (Tutorial)

  • Blume O.

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) contribute an increasing share to global energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Green ICT and Energy Efficiency (EE) are becoming megatrends in research, development and deployment of telecommunication networks. The tutorial presents an overview of latest data on ICT energy consumption and highlights the trends ...

Nonlinear Effects in Mode Division Multiplexed Transmission over Few-Mode Optical Fiber

  • Bigo S.
  • Charlet G.
  • Koebele C.
  • Salsi M.

Focusing on the essential parameters concerning nonlinear effects between two spatial modes we give a general estimation of the nonlinear performance in a wavelength division multiplexed (WDM) mode division multiplexed (MDM) polarization division multiplexed (PDM) quaternary phase shift keying (QPSK) 100Gb/s coherent transmission system.

GMPLS Adaptive level of recovery

  • Ciavaglia L.
  • Noirie L.
  • Vidalenc B.

The mechanism described in this document will deal with the fluctuating nature of the failure probability in order to adapt the resources dedicated to the recovery to the observed network equipments health. Indeed, in GMPLS networks, the recovery strategy is a tradeoff between resources consumption and availability. To solve this ...

A Survey of the Future Internet Business Ecosystems

  • Ballon P.
  • Ciavaglia L.
  • Delaere S.
  • Gonçalves V.

The vision for the Future Internet encompasses overcoming a diverse range of technical challenges ranging from scalability to adding more intelligence to networks and services in order to adapt the ecosystem to the varying requirements of users and devices. This technological (r)evolution will allow for the emergence of diverse new ...

Sound localization using compressive sensing

  • Jiang H.
  • Mathews B.
  • Wilford P.

Localization of sound events has applications in multi-modal sensor network for security and surveillance. In a sensor network with remote sensor devices, it is important to have a method that can accurately localize a sound event with a small amount of data transmitted from the sensors. In this paper, we ...

Localization on Peer-to-Peer Application Using Multi-Layered Architecture

  • Kim K.
  • Steiner M.
  • Varvello M.

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) file sharing applications cause a huge monetary loss at the ISPs because majority of P2P traffic is inter-ISP traffic. A possible solution is to enforce the P2P applications to download files only from the peers at the same ISPs. However, application developers and users are not willing to ...