Security of the Public Switched Network - Defensive Techniques (NOT KNOWN IF TALK GIVEN BECAUSE AUTHOR HAS LEFT AT&T)

  • Jaeger R.

In designing telecommunications services and equipment, inadvertant opportunities for fraud and abuse may be overlooked. This session will present principles to be observed in design and will cover the most common areas that are subject to fraud and abuse.

Electrochemistry - A Challenge for Academia

  • Koontz D.

This talk will highlight opportunities, challenges and advantages of using electrochemical techniques to process and evaluate materials and to create new materials and structures. Creative uses of electrochemistry can provide competitive advantages and enhance U.S. manufacturing capability.

VLSI Testing

  • Agrawal V.

VLSI testing consists of test development and manufacturing test. This paper provides an introduction to the development activities that take place before manufacturing. Concepts of fault modeling, test generation, coverage evaluation, testability analysis, and design for testability are introduced.

A 50 Mbit/sec CMOS Optical Trnasmitter Integrated Circuit

  • Fisher A.
  • Linde N.

An integrated circuit for an optical transmitter has been designed in a standard digital 1.5 micron CMOS technology.

ISDN Voice Services

  • Brown H.
  • Davidson W.
  • Glapa M.
  • Sanderson R.

The demand for digital telecommunications services is fostering an evolution toward an Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN). ISDN integrates a diverse collection of networks and services into a system that is service oriented and provides end-to-end digital connectivity.

Linear and Book Embeddings of Graphs

  • Yannakakis M.

1. Introduction: The problem of laying out VLSI circuits has led to many interesting graph theoretic problems. A circuit is abstracted into a graph whose nodes interesting graph theoretic problems. A circuit is abstracted into a graph whose nodes represent the processing elements and whose edges represent their interconnections.

Epitaxial Semiconductor Structures for the Infrared: Where Are We Now?

  • Panish M.

The use of epitaxial structures for the generation, detection, and modulation of modulation of light has had as its strongest driving force the development of fiber optic communications systems. Partly for that reason, the semiconductor materials systems that can be most readily optimized for wavelengths (8-16nm) transmittable through state-of-the-art optical ...

Cyclized Rubber Photoresists as Insulating Dielectrics

  • Lyons A.
  • Ryan V.
  • Salazar M.
  • Wilkins C.

We have evaluated the cyclized rubber photoresist, (CBR), for use as a dielectric material in multilevel structures. Conditions have been determined so that films up to 10um thick can be easily applied by spray coating techniques.

Microscale Homogeneity in Bridgman-Grown Bulk Gallium Arsenide

  • Asom M.
  • Joy D.
  • Parsey J.
  • Thiel F.

Gallium arsenide crystals were grown in the Mellen electro- dynamic gradient furnace. Using the system capabilities, the influence of the temperature gradient impressed over the melt, and the role of the melt composition were systematically investigated.

A Model for Evaluating the Quality of the Interface of a Software Package

  • Dehnad K.

The question of the quality of the interface of a software package from a user's viewpoint is studied. It is shown that a meaningful and practical measure of quality in this case is the monetary loss incurred by the user from the use of the software.

A Parallel Z-Buffer Algorithm on a 64-Processor Hypercube Machine (NOT PUBLISHED)

  • Potmesil M.

This paper describes a parallel implementation of the z-buffer algorithm on a hypercube machine,. A hypercube is a network of small computers (nodes), running asynchronously, which send messages through bi-directional, asynchronous channels.

One-Processor Scheduling of Tasks with Preferred Starting Time (NOT PUBLISHED)

  • Garey M.
  • Tarjan R.
  • Wilfong G.

We consider a new class of one-processor scheduling problems having the following form: T1,T2,...,Tn are given, with each Ti having a specified length Li and a preferred starting time pi. The tasks single processor as close to their preferred starting times as possible.

Bracketing Paradoxes, Cliticization and Other Topics: The Mapping between Syntactic and Phonological Structure

  • Sproat R.

I shall give a unified account of Bracketing Paradoxes, Phonological Cliticization and a couple of other phenomena, none of which might initially seem related to one another. I shall be making crucial use of the assumption that words have two structures, coupled with a better formalized version of the Mapping ...

CONES: A System for Automated Synthesis of VLSI and Programmable Logic and Behavioral Models

  • Munoz R.
  • Pierce D.
  • Stroud C.

CONES automatically synthesizes general sequential logic in terms of standard cell and/or Programmable Logic Array (PLD) based circuit packs from behavioral models written in 'C' . The synthesis process is performed on a per logic cone basis by extracting the function of each cone from the behavioral model and minimizing ...

NMR Study of the Structure and Motion of Charge-Density Waves in NbSe sub 3

  • Coppersmith S.

A recent Letter by Ross, Wang, and Slichter[1] reports very beautiful nuclear magnetic resonance experiments conducted on the charge density wave (CDW) material NbSe sub 3 in fields both below and above the threshold field. In addition to providing the most direct evidence to date that the CDW slides, their ...

A Computer Aided Measurement System for Assessing the Quality of Thermocompression Bonds

  • Deane P.
  • Erich J.
  • Marinis T.

Hundreds of millions of thermocompression bonds are made anually by AT&T Technologies to attach beam leaded silicon devices to hybrid integrated circuits. Considerable information regarding the quality and anticipated reliability of these bonds can be gleaned by careful statistical analysis of measurements of the shape of the bonded beam leads.

Guest Editorial - Special Series on Microwave Digital Radio

  • Greenstein L.
  • Shafi M.

The use of microwave line-of-sight radio for carrier telephony began in the early 1950's with the introduction of systems using analog modulation.

Absolute Raman Intensities in Glasses. I. Theory

  • Lines M.

An ability to predict absolute Raman intensities of the major spectral features in glasses in general is becoming increasingly important in association with the search for new optic fiber materials since the phenomenon of stimulated Raman scattering is an important mechanism in assessing the capabilities and limitations of such fibers ...