Machine Vision for Process Improvement: A Design Experience

  • Gerth D.
  • Lackey J.
  • Longenbaker W.

The field of machine vision is concerned with the building of machines that sense and interpret their environment.

Electron Scattering Distribution in InP at 50 kV

  • Denker J.
  • Doran G.
  • Howard R.
  • Tennant D.

High resolution patterning of InP is gaining importance for electronic and photonic applications such as DFB lasers and high speed transistors. Electron beam lithography is the highest resolution and most flexible technology for these applications. Unfortunately, backscattered electron effects become an imposing limitation when both coarse and fine pattern features ...

Determination of Intervalley Scattering Rates in GaAs by Subpicosecond Luminescence Spectroscopy

  • Damen T.
  • Deveaud B.
  • Gossard A.
  • Shah J.
  • Tsang W.

We report a slow rise of luminescence in GaAs following subpicosecond excitation and show that it results from a slow return of electrons from the L to the Gamma valley.

Iterated Combinatorial Density Theorems

  • Frankl P.
  • Graham R.
  • Rodl V.

O. Introduction: There are many theorems in combinatorics of "Ramsey-" or "partition-" type for which a stronger density form actually holds. An excellent example of this is illustrated by the classical theorem of vanderWaerden ([16]. [6], [9]) on arithmetic progressions...

Effect of Trace Concentrations of SF sub 6 on Metastable Populations in Argon rf Glow Discharge

  • Gottscho R.
  • Murnick D.
  • Robinson R.

Laser optogalvanic (LOG) studies of the lowest resonance and metastable levels in an Argon rf glow discharge indicated the importance of inelastic scattering of low energy electrons in maintaining discharge equilibrium. [1]

A Multi-Token Scheme of Input Buffering for a Packet Switch (NOT PUBLISHED)

  • Lin S.

In a statistical packet switch, buffers are needed to handle contention from multiple bursty traffic. One can place buffers at inputs, at outputs or inside the fabric of a switch.

Approximations for the M/M/1 Busy-Period Distribution

  • Abate J.
  • Whitt W.

This paper develops and evaluates relatively simple closed- form approximations for the M/M/1 busy-period cdf (cumulative distribution function_. The first-order effect of the traffic intensity is identified and isolated by scaling.

GMC: A Practical, High Resolution, Negative Acting Electron Resist for Mask Making

  • Novembre A.
  • Reynolds J.
  • Shernock D.

No abstract. Refer back to previously released 071785.

Sliding Charge Density Waves

  • Littlewood P.

I shall review recent progress in the analysis of the classical Fukuyama-Lee-Rice model for sliding charge density.

The 1987 National Electrical Code Requirements for Cable

  • Kaufman S.

The 1987 National Electrical Code has established three levels of fire-resistance for optical fiber cables. The highest level is required for plenum cables; these cables are tested per the UL 910 tunnel test. The second highest level is required for riser cables, which must pass the UL riser test (UL ...

Surface Chemical Reactions in the MOCVD of Aluminum Films

  • Bent B.
  • Dubois L.
  • Nuzzo R.

An apparatus has been constructed to study the chemistry between metal-organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) precursors and well-defined surfaces.

Nonlinear Optical Properties of Polymers

  • Chemla D.

We review the nonlinear optical properties of two-dimensional excitons in semiconductor quantum well structures. Experimental and theoretical investigations of resonant and nonresonant phenomena occuring under continuous-wave, picosecond, and femtosecond excitation are presented.

X-Ray Diffraction Study of Amorphous Al Sub (77.5) Mn sub (22.5) and Al sub (56) Si sub (30) Mn sub (14) Alloys

  • Chen H.
  • Harada K.
  • Inoue A.
  • Masumoto T.
  • Matsubara E.
  • Waseda Y.

The structure of amorphous sputtered Al sub (77.5) Mn sub (22.5) and as-spun Al sub (56) Si sub (30) Mn sub (14) alloys is investigated by x-ray diffraction. Some distinct features are observed in the intensity profile, i.e. a pronounced prepeak at Q=16 nm sup (01) in both the alloys ...

Token Execution Strategies for Distributed Algorithms: Simulation Studies

  • Lloyd M.

Six variations of the token execution strategy of a distributed algorithm are described, applied to an algorithm for computing the minimum-weight spanning tree, simulated on three networks topologies, and compared with the chaotic execution strategy.

Thermodynamics of Isotopic Polymer Mixtures: Poly(vinylethylene) and Poly(ethylethylene)

  • Bates F.
  • Fetters L.
  • Wignall G.

Binary mixtures of normal (protonated) and perdeuterated poly (vinylethylene)s and poly(ethylethylene)s containing 50% by volume of each isotope have been examined by small angle neutron scattering (SANS).

A Class of Analysis-by-Synthesis Predictive Coders for High Quality Speech Coding at Rates Between 4.8 and 16 kb/s

  • Deprettere E.
  • Kroon P.

Recently, many new coding techniques for the coding of toll quality speech below 16 kb/s have been proposed. Some promising time-domain approaches are the multi-pulse excitation coders [1,2] and the code book excited coders [3,4,5]. These methods can be viewed ad different realizations of a more general approach which we ...

Performance Issues for Packetized Voice Communications

  • Armitage C.
  • Bowker D.

1. Introduction: As the needs of telecommunications customers become more sophisticated and more varied, network service providers must consider technologies and architectures that provide greater flexibility in their configuration.

In Situ Rapid Thermal Annealing of Heterostructures Grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy

  • Anzlowar M.
  • Cerullo M.
  • Pfeiffer L.
  • Phillips J.

It has been shown that the quality of heteroepitaxial structures can be improved by rapid thermal annealing (RTA).[1] Previous RTA experiments were limited to ex situ anneals of heterostructures grown during a single MBE run.

ISDN Packet Mode Protocol - Architecture and Services

  • Burg F.
  • Dimmick J.
  • Kaufeld J.
  • Spencer D.

The 1984 I Series of recommendations provide guidelines for initial ISDN implementations. Initial packet mode services are defined in the context of the X.31 recommendation which provides for the conveyance of X.25 over ISDN B- and D-channels between an endpoint and an X.25 packet handler.

Radiation Enhanced Diffusion of Impurities in Amorphous Silicon

  • Campisano S.
  • Jacobson D.
  • Linnros J.
  • Poate J.
  • Priolo F.

We have measured the diffusion of Au in amorphous Si under the influence of ion irradiation. The Au markers were ion implanted at doses of 5 X 10 sup 14 and 2 X 10 sup 15 cm sup (-2) in 2microns thick amorphous Si layers.