VLSI Implementations of Neural Network Models

  • Graf H.
  • Jackel L.

Neurons form complex networks of very high interconnectivity. Connectionist models of these networks assume that the individual neuron does very little computation and that the interconnections between the neurons determine what operation is performed by the whole network.

Computer Security

  • Chiang T.

This talk describes the essence of computer security planning, and presents highlights of what is being done to improve computer security in the AT&T R&D community. The objective of computer security planning is to provide a road map for improving computer security in a cost effective way. Computer security planning ...

Switching Systems Engineering

  • Collins D.

This talk is prepared for the undergraduate audience. It is a high level presentation conveying systems engineering work within the Network Services Planning Center.

A 2-Channel System Demonstration of Differential Frequency-Deviation Multiplexing

  • Burrus C.
  • Darcie T.
  • Gnauck A.
  • Kasper B.
  • Talman J.

In this paper we present a two-channel demonstration of differential frequency-deviation multiplexing (DFDM). Two cleaved coupled-cavity (C sup 3) lasers are frequency modulated, by differentially-encoded 90 Mb/s data, and their outputs are combined in a 3dB fiber coupler.

Systems Engineering of an Application System

  • Lee S.

This presentation outlines the role that Systems Engineering plays in the development of an application system. The talk is divided into two parts. The first part gives an overview of the different steps that must take place before the features become a product. The second part of the talk includes ...

Demonstration of a P-Channel GaAs/AlGaAs BICFET

  • Brown-Goebeler K.
  • Chang T.
  • Izabelle A.
  • Lebby M.
  • Simmons J.
  • Taylor G.
  • Tell B.

A p-Channel BICFET has been demonstrated in the GaAs/AlGaAs system. A current gain of ~8 is obtained at a current density of ~8x10 sup 3A/cm sup 2. The results agree well with previous theoretical predictions of current gain, output conductance and collector offset voltage.

Network Modeling, Simulation and Analysis

  • Garzia M.
  • Garzia R.
  • Lockhart C.

This book was written for the purpose of compiling, in a single volume, a series of discussions falling within the general area of network modeling, simulation, and analysis and dealing with both circuit-switched communications and data networks. The books also serves the purpose of presenting some recent work in the ...

Models for Predicting the Cost-Effectiveness of Tools (NOT KNOWN IF PUBLISHED BECAUSE AUTHOR HAS LEFT AT&T)

  • Emerson T.

1. Introduction: The most important step in the transfer of software engineering tool technology is the managerial decision to incorporate a new tool into routine use in the development process. This decision requires some form of cost/benefit analysis; and if this analysis is to be anything more than a subjective ...

Effects of Deposition Thickness and Substrate Type on the Properties of GaAs-on-Si

  • Abernathy C.
  • Caruso R.
  • Jordan A.
  • Pearton S.
  • Vernon S.

The heteroepitaxial growth of GaAs substrates offers the potential for the eventual integration of optical devices with electrical circuits, and on a shorter time scale, the replacement of brittle GaAs substrates with larger diameter mechanically stronger Si wafers. The growth of a polar semiconductor (GaAs) on a non-polar substrate (Si) ...

Solid State NMR Studies of High Performance Polymers

  • Tonelli A.

With the advent of such techniques as cross polarization of magnetization high power proton dipolar decoupling, and high speed magic angle sample spinning, it is now possible to routinely obtain high resolution sup 13 C NMR spectra of solid polymers.

Sizing An Inverter With A Precise Delay: Generation of Complementary Signals With Minimal Skew and Pulse Width Distortion In CMOS

  • Argade P.

A general procedure is presented to size an inverter which has a precise pull up and pull down delay driving a specified capacitive load. It uses a Newton-Raphson procedure to numerically size the transistors.

Why Get Excited About Recent Advances in Superconductivity?

  • Patel C.

No abstract. From a Patent standpoint it is not necessary for ED's to get a clearance.

Integrating the Design/Manufacturing Team

  • Myers F.

Viewgraphs in typed form.

Digital Finite-Impulse-Response Filtering of Transmitted Data Signals for Nyquist Channels

  • Debus W.
  • Siller C.

Digital filtering as a means of precise spectral control plays an important role in advanced data communication systems, where it offers benefits ranging from crosstalk interference suppression to bandwidth-efficient Nyquist channels. In the paper the authors describe a novel approach for digitally shaping transmitted M-state signals, one that is based ...

Data Communications for Air Traffic Control

  • Lehnert T.

Problems in our air transport system are prominent in the news: delayed and canceled flights, overworked controllers, and near mid-air collisions make regular headlines. The Federal Aviation Administration's solution to these problems is an overhaul of the nation's air traffic control system. The plan for the National Airspace System (NAS) ...

Deriving a Subjective Testing Methodology for Digital Circuit Multiplication and Packetized Voice Systems

  • Dvorak C.
  • Rosenberger J.

1. INTRODUCTION: International standards on digital speech processing techniques are produced by Study Group XVIII of the CCITT[1], as discussed in this issue by Decina and Modena[1]. The voice transmission performance of candidate algorithms is evaluated as a key step in making a recommendation for CCITT approval.

Development and Introduction of an Integrated CAE/CAD System - A Manager's View (NOT KNOWN IF PUBLISHED BECAUSE AUTHOR HAS LEFT AT&T)

  • Pardee S.

Over the past decade AT&T Bell Laboratories' development effort in CAE/CAD has gone from being highly decentralized to being highly integrated. This paper discusses the problems of developing and introducing an integrated CAE/CAD system in a large R&D organization.

Crysal Growth

  • Laudise R.

A brief review of the history of oxide superconductors which led up to the discovery of high T sub c superconductors will be given. The discovery and the crystal chemistry of the potassium-nickel- fluoride and perovskite structures will be reviewed. Progress on the preparation of ceramics, thin films, wire and ...

Experiences With The Use of Aqueous Cleaning in The Electronics Industry

  • Munie G.

Aqueous processing has been shown to be a viable cleaning method for use in the post-solder cleaning of wave soldered printed wiring assemblies. This paper presents a discussion of aqueous process as it applies to the soldering of surface mount (SM) assemblies. A brief discussion of environmental problems and potential ...