Calculation of Surface Structural Energies

  • Hamann D.

Calculated energies may be used to deduce both static and dynamic structural properties of surfaces and interfaces. The classes of models used for such calculations, ranging from empirical to ab-initio, will be reviewed.

Signal-to-Noise Ratios, Performance Criteria and Transformations - Discussion

  • Leon R.
  • Shoemaker A.
  • Tsui K.

The paper represents the arrival of parameter design methods to the mainstream of statistical practice. As such we are pleased to have been given the opportunity to discuss it.


  • Souvaine D.
  • Vanwyk C.

Many robot "hands" consist of two parallel edges that can move close together or further apart. We characterize some polygons that can be grasped using this kind of hand, and pose several open problems.

Packet-ASPEN: A Performance Measurement Tool for Packet Switching Network

  • Wang D.

This talk is intended to show college students what we, systems engineers, do at AT&T Bell Laboratories by giving an example of a project that the author was involved in previously. The project was to develop a measurement system and to use that system to assess the performance of packet ...

Theory of Quasiparticle Energies and Band Gaps: Application to Surface and Superlattices

  • Hybertsen M.

A unified theory of quasiparticle band energies is presented. It is based on first principles evaluation of the electron self energy operator including local fields in the screening of the Coulomb interaction as well as dynamical renormalization. The resulting band gap energies and dispersions are in excellent quantitative agreement with ...

Ceramics and Superconductors

  • Johnson D.

The new family of high T sub c oxide superconductors are electronic ceramic materials. This overview talk will categorize the field of advanced ceramics emphasizing electronic ceramics and finally superconducting ceramics. The hstory of superconductors along with the recent advances in oxide superconductors will be reviewed.

Analytical Approach in Microelectronics Problems: Its Merits, Shortcomings and Interaction with Experimental and Numerical Methods

  • Suhir E.

It is a truism, of course, that experimental, numerical (computer- aided) and analytical approaches are the 'three-wishes', that any engineering science is based upon. All these approaches are equally important and equally indispensable for the design of a viable, reliable and low-cost product. In aerospace, civil, ocean and many other ...

The Evolution of E-INOS DATA: An Algorithm Perspective

  • Dodd S.
  • Whitaker B.

E-INOS is an interactive system used by AT&T for designing voice, data, and integrated voice/data networks. In its initial release, E- INOS DATA decoupled design the access networks from backbone network, designed near-optimal access networks with minimum spanning tree-based techniques, and used variations on techniques of Kleinrock and Gerla to ...

Islanding and Surface Diffusion in IV-IV Heteroepitaxy

  • Fisanick G.

Surface diffusion and related phenomena such as islanding play an important role during growth of strained layer structures by molecular beam epitaxy.

The Role of Electrochemistry in Industry

  • Fiorino M.

The field of electrochemistry today contributes to 25% of the gross national product of the United States and encompasses major areas such as energy storage, corrosion, electrodeposition and electrolysis.

Estimating IC Failure Rates from Field Performance

  • Beltrano F.

Estimating the reliability of components in manufactured equipment has been hampered by the impracticality of experiments which collect failure data by tracking thousands of devices for years and by the unavailability of statistical software. This paper describes procedures used to extract 10 sup ii unaccelerated device hours of component field ...

Thermo-Oxidative Aging of a Primary Lightguide Coating in Films and Dual-Coated Fibers

  • Chan M.
  • Chapin J.
  • Overton B.
  • Simoff D.

The thermo-oxidative aging of a polyether urethane lightguide primary coating has been studied in films and dual-coated optical fibers.

Thermo-Oxidative Aging of A Primary Lightguide Coating in Films and Dual-Coated Fibers

  • Chan M.
  • Chapin J.
  • Overton B.
  • Simoff D.

The primary (inner) coating on dual-coated optical fibers minimizes microbending losses by providing a soft elastomeric buffer next to the glass [1]. Oxidative degradation of the coating could hinder its ability to cushion the fiber if properties such as modulus and glass transition temperature were affected.

Almost Orthogonal Functions

  • Loka R.

Almost orthogonal functions are obtained by perturbing orthogonal functions. Almost orthogonal functions do not exactly satisfy the orthogonality conditions. This paper explains the notion of almost orthogonal functions with examples. It also gives an error analysis of expansion coefficients based on almost orthogonal functions. Using examples derived from sinusoids, we ...

Wideband Packet Switching As Am Evolving Network Technology

  • Luderer G.

Packet switching, invented 20 years ago for computer communication, has found many applications, particularly in telecommunications networks. This session introduces concepts, discusses advantages and shortcomings, surveys applications in signaling, and explains how packet switching is used to offer service to end users and how it relates to ISDN. The session ...

Observation of Two-stage Melting in a Two Dimensional Colloidal Crystal

  • Murray C.

We have observed a two-step melting transition in a two dimensional system with classical screened Coulomb interactions. We have used optical microscopy and digital imaging to investigate the real space and real time behavior of an ultra-clean colloidal suspension of highly charged, submicron sized spheres confined into two dimensions between ...

User Interface Planning for Customer Control Systems

  • Malmi R.

This talk will be presented as part of a Division 551 Affirmative Action Program for women and minority students. The program involves a series of several colleges to expose women and minorities to systems engineering work at AT&T Bell Laboratories. This talk discusses the role of the user interface engineer ...

Development of Software Application for Use with AT&T Mail

  • Gorman C.

AT&T Mail is an electronics mail service capable of store and forward and date exchange. It is currently available domestically and accessible globally. Mail's capabilities can be expended by integrating stand-alone application packages to the system.

Modern Data Network

  • Shinners S.

The need for data networks is a logical extension of the proliferation of data processing equipment being used to conduct business today. Simple point-to-point connections evolved to use the telephone network as the need for more connectivity made private line applications expensive.

Areas of Advance Technology in AT&T

  • Brownlow D.

Optical fibers have wide range applications in emerging technologies. This talk will give specific applications of optical fibers as related to current technological requirements. Specific examples ranging from optical loss calculations, strength calculations and cabling will be given, in addition to some specific communication systems requirements.