Probabilistic Shaped QAM for Reach and Spectral Efficiency Adaptation

  • Buchali F.
  • Idler W.
  • Schmalen L.

In this paper we review practical application of probabilistic shaping in long haul transmission systems.

Maximizing Bandwidth Allocation in Optical Ethernet

  • Gebhard U.

The IEEE 802.17 fairness protocol is adapted and enhanced for Optical Ethernet, a new connectionless transport-network architecture. The implementation is described and benchmarked by simulation.

Reach Increasse for High Capacity Optical Transmission Systems by Probabilistic Shaping

  • Böcherer G.
  • Buchali F.
  • Idler W.
  • Schmalen L.
  • Schulte P.
  • Steiner F.

We review capacity achieving formats applied for high data rate optical transmission and report on reach gain using probabilistic shaping versus regular QAM formats at data rates between 200 and 300 Gb/s.

Exploring Relationships In Complex Heterogeneous Networks

  • Sala A.

Current trends are showing that we are at the dawn of a new technological era, which is driven by the digitalization of everything and everyone. In this era, the utmost goal should be to create efficiency in human lives by maximizing our capability to instantly attain anything, thereby saving time. ...

Field demonstration of 1 Tb/s superchannel transmission supported by probabilistic shaped constellations

  • Buchali F.
  • Fabian Steiner
  • Georg Böcherer
  • Idler W.
  • Lach E.
  • Patrick Schulte
  • Ralf Peter Braun
  • Schmalen L.

We have introduced a low cost backbone network architecture for 1-Tb/s superchannel transmission. To meet huge reach requirements in case of link failure we applied improved sensitivity probabilistic shaped constellations in a flex transponder application. For all distances of working paths up to 1000 km we successfully demonstrated 1-Tb/s transmission ...

Analytic Framework for Advanced Radio Access Protocols for the Internet of Things

  • Braun V.
  • Centenaro M.
  • Saur S.
  • Vangelista L.
  • Weber A.

Core of this paper are a analytic framework to evaluate the performance of radio access protocols and its validation through a comparison with computer simulations. We apply our method in the context of the future generation of cellular networks, also known as 5G, that is supposed to integrate the traditional ...

Air Interface Capacity Dimensioning for 4G and Beyond Mobile Networks

  • Aly I.
  • Salah S.

In early generations of mobile communication systems, Air Interface capacity dimensioning was being done by estimating the total number of channels needed by a certain number of users, while maintaining some specific Grade Of Service (GOS), which is sometimes referred to as the blocking probability. Over the past few years, ...

A protocol for Optical Data Unit service encryption

  • Giouroukos P.

When interconnecting data centers encryption is required since the exchange data travel via public networks. The layer performing encryption has to be considered carefully. The obvious place, encrypting the packet stream at the gateway might not be always the best solution in terms of effort and costs. Another possible place ...

112-Gbit/s Intensity-Modulated Direct-Detect Vestigial-Sideband PAM4 over 80km SSMF link

  • Chen Y.
  • Kaneda N.
  • Lee S.

A vestigial-sideband 4-level pulse amplitude modulation (VSB-PAM4) scheme is proposed for intensity-modulated, direct-detect optical transmission and experimentally demonstrated to achieve 112Gbit/s per wavelength over 80 km of standard single-mode fiber.

Engineering a Parallel $k$-Shortest Simple Paths Algorithm for Multicores

  • Ajwani D.
  • Duriakova E.
  • Hurley N.

In recent decades, there has been a considerable interest in mining heterogeneous information from diverse sources in a holistic way. This information is often linked together in the form of a graph, where the vertices represent entities, edges represent direct relationships between these entities and the edge weights represent the ...

Load-Aware Adaptive Threshold Adjustment for Licensed Assisted Access of LTE

  • Gu J.
  • Shen G.

In long term evolution (LTE), the component carriers in 5GHz are planned to be utilized without licenses, which obtains a new name for this feature of the LTE, i.e., licensed assisted access (LAA). The listen before talk (LBT) is required when these unlicensed carriers are utilized. The threshold of listen ...

Space-Division Multiplexing: The Future of Fiber-Optic Communications

  • Ryf R.
  • Winzer P.

Over many decades, network traffic has been growing exponentially, with cumulative annual growth rates (CAGRs) between 20% and 100% per year, the exact numbers varying among traffic types, application areas, transmission distances, and operator specificities. While many incumbent telecom operators are seeing growth rates at the lower end of the ...

agile defects prediction

  • Goldstein M.
  • Segall I.

Defects prediction is an important and widely researched area. Multiple models involving various software aspects and metrics have been proposed and evaluated in the past. Most of them look at static properties of a specific version of software system or at the entire history of changes for that system. This ...

Load Balancing for Virtual Network Functions

  • Rimac I.

Presentation on load balancing work; hashing with exceptions using approximate membership lookups in routers/switches for flow stickiness. Note: A poster version has been cleared for presentation in December 2014.

Nimble: A Platform for Efficient and Flexible Data Plane Services in Data Centers

  • Chang H.
  • Lakshman T.
  • Mukherjee S.
  • Stiliadis D.
  • Wang L.

High throughput packet processing using general purpose CPUs enables deployment of software switches and increasingly heavy duty data plane services at end servers. This paper presents Nimble, a scale-out, per-tenant service platform for dynamic deployment of data plane services in data center networks. It uses centralized control to deploy and ...

Analog 112 Gb/s PAM-4 modulation over 10 km SSMF using EML and duo-quaternary detection for low-cost data center solutions

  • Chen Y.
  • Kaneda N.
  • Lee S.
  • Von Lindeiner J.

We show through simulations and experimentally that 112 Gb/s PAM-4 may be transmitted DAC-less using a 28 GHz EML and a novel duo-quaternary detector. Experimental results show that standard FFE/DFE equalization outperforms this technique indicating that it is more suitable for use with a high-speed DAC. Nevertheless, 2 km and ...

Coupled Multi-Core Fibers: High-Spatial-Density Optical Transmission Fibers with Low Differential Modal Properties

  • Essiambre R.
  • Fontaine N.
  • Hayashi T.
  • Randel S.
  • Ryf R.
  • Sasaki T.
  • Winzer P.

The characteristics of coupled multi-core fibers (CMCF) are reviewed. Random mode coupling and low differential group delay properties of the CMCF are discussed, and relationships between differential modal group delay, bends, and twists are also investigated.


  • Enright R.
  • Lei S.
  • Nolan K.

In order to investigate the coalescence and out-of-plane jumping of two incompressible droplets on a non-wetting surface surrounded by an incompressible fluid with matched viscosity in the low Ohnesorge number regime, a two-dimensional lattice Boltzmann phase-field model is implemented. An interfacial force of potential form is used to model the ...

Intermodal Distributed Raman Amplification in 70 km Few- Mode Fiber

  • Chen H.
  • Esmaeelpour M.
  • Fontaine N.
  • Ryf R.
  • Toulouse J.

We experimentally demonstrate distributed Raman amplification for co-, counter-, and bi-directional pumping scheme in a 70 km long fiber span.