Effect of Macrodiversity and Microdiversity on Outages and Bit Error Rates in a Cellular System

  • Avidor D.
  • Mukherjee S.

Wireless service providers striving to improve the coverage of their systems or enlarge the cells' size can choose either one or a combination of two different diversity techniques, namely, microdiversity and macrodiversity. In this paper, we focus on Maximum Ratio Combining (MRC) in each base station and switching between base ...

In-situ High-Resolution Microscopy on Duplex Stainless Steels

  • Garfias L.
  • Siconolfi D.

The aim of the present work is the characterization of materials in-situ by using a modified Near-Field Scanning Optical Microscope (NSOM) with a home-built tuning fork head that is used to obtain optical images concurrently with topography of some systems. The first example is related to finding precursor sites for ...

Krylov-Subspace Methods for Reduced-Order Modeling in Circuit Simulation

  • Freund R.

The simulation of electronic circuits involves the numerical solution of very large-scale, sparse, in general nonlinear, systems of differential-algebraic equations. Often, the size of these systems can be reduced considerably by replacing the equations corresponding to linear subcircuits by approximate models of much smaller state-space dimension. In this paper, we ...

A 1.8-V 3-mW 16.8-GHz Frequency Divider in 0.25 micron CMOS

  • Wang H.

A static 1/2-frequency divider is implemented in standard 0. 25 micron digital CMOS and is measured to be working to over 16.8 GHz with a 1.8 V supply while consuming about 3 mW. The 3 times speed improvement over prior art using the same voltage and technology is achieved through ...

Ultrafast Spectroscopy of Even Parity States in pi-Conjugated Polymers

  • Bao Z.
  • Frolov S.
  • Vardeny Z.

Ultrafast relaxation dynamics of even parity (A sub g) states in poly(p-phenylene vinylene) derivatives were studied using multiple pulse transient spectroscopy, where two different fsec excitation pulses successively generate odd parity (1B sub u) excitons and then re-excite them to higher A sub g states. For re-excitation energies bar h ...

Fang: A Firewall Analysis Engine

  • Mayer A.
  • Wool A.
  • Ziskind E.

Today, even a moderately sized corporate intranet contains multiple firewalls and routers, which are all used to enforce various aspects of the global corporate security policy. Configuring these devices to work in unison is difficult, especially if they are made by different vendors. Even testing or reverse-engineering an existing configuration ...

Polarization-Insensitive Parametric Wavelength Converter Based on Cascaded Nonlinearities in LiNbO sub 3 Waveguides

  • Brener I.
  • Chaban E.
  • Chou M.
  • Fejer M.
  • Kosinski S.
  • Parameswaran K.

We developed a polarization-independent wavelength converter using periodically poled LiNbO sub 3 waveguides. The device uses a pump in the 1.5 micron band, has negligible polarization sensitivity and a penalty of less than 0.5 dB at 10 Gb/s.

Comparison of PEC Approaches for SCALPEL

  • Rosenbusch A.
  • Stanton S.

SCALPEL is a projection electron lithography technology with resolution limited by aberrations and electron-electron interactions, not diffraction. The main CD control issue is adequate dose latitude, for image blur approaching the feature size in a high throughput scenario. This includes the effect of the unwanted electron back- scatter (EBS) proximity ...

Optical Generation and Characterization of Acoustic Waves in Thin Films: Fundamentals and Applications

  • Banet M.
  • Maznev A.
  • Nelson K.
  • Rogers J.

This is an invited contribution to Annual Review of Materials Science. It summarizes our work in the area of picosecond pulsed laser excitation and detection of high frequency acoustic waves in thin films and other microstructures. The mechanical and acoustic properties of thin films and multilayer assemblies are important both ...

Coherence Communication Prediction in Shared-Memory Multiprocessors

  • Kaxiras S.
  • Young C.

Sharing patterns in shared-memory multiprocessors are the key to performance: uniprocessor latency-tolerating techniques such as out-of-order execution and non-blocking caches have proved unable to completely hide the latency of remote memory access. Recently proposed prediction mechanisms accelerate coherence protocols by guessing where data will be used next and forwarding it ...

Compton Scattering Evidence for Covalency of the Hydrogen Bond in Ice

  • Barbiellini B.
  • Hamann D.
  • Isaacs E.
  • Platzman P.
  • Shukla A.
  • Tulk C.

Periodic intensity variations in the measured Compton profile anisotropies of ordinary ice I sub h correspond to distance of 1.8 angstroms and 3.0 angstroms which are close to the hydrogen bond length and the nearest-neighbor O-O distance, respectively. We intrepret this result as direct evidence for the covalent nature of ...

Proposal for an Experiment to Test a Theory of High Temperature Superconductors

  • Varma C.

A theory for the phenomena observed in Copper-Oxide based high-temperature superconducting materials derives an elusive time-reversal and rotational symmetry breaking order parameter for the observed pseudogap phase ending at a quantum-critical point near the composition for the highest T sub c. An experiment is proposed to observe such a symmetry ...

NetTap: An Efficient and Reliable PC-Based Platform for Network Programming

  • Blott S.
  • Brustoloni J.
  • Martin C.

NetTap is a new platform for prototyping, field-testing, and deploying network services. NetTap is based on a PC running FreeBSD. NetTap can be configured as a bridge, router, or host. NetTap's API allows user-level network applications to send or receive packets, on standard network adapters, without copying or system call ...

Supercontinuum Source Based on an Electroabsorption Modulated Laser for Long Distance DWDM Transmission

  • Boivin L.
  • Doerr C.
  • Fang W.
  • Lin W.
  • Monnard R.
  • Schiffer P.
  • Stulz L.
  • Taccheo S.

We describe a 40-channel x 9.953 Gb/s DWDM transmitter based on spectrum-slicing of supercontinuum (SC) light generated with an electroabsorption-modulated laser. Error-free transmission of all channels over 544 km of standard fiber is demonstrated.

Neutron Scattering on Magnetic Thin Films: Pushing the Limits

  • Bodeker P.
  • Erwin R.
  • Hong M.
  • Kwo J.
  • Lee S.
  • Majkrzak C.
  • Schmitte T.
  • Schreyer A.
  • Siebrecht R.
  • Zabel H.

Neutron scattering has been the scattering technique of choice for the analysis of magnetic structures and their dynamics for many decades. The advent of magnetic thin film systems has posed new challenges since such samples have inherently small scattering volumes. By way of example, recent progress in the application of ...

On Concurrent Oblivious Transfer

  • Garay J.
  • Mackenzie P.

In this paper, we consider the problem of designing an efficient oblivious transfer (OT) protocol that is provably secure in a concurrent setting, i.e., where many OT protocols may be running concurrently with their messages interleaved arbitrarily. Known OT protocols use zero-knowledge proofs, and no concurrent zero-knowledge proofs are known ...

Approximate Query Processing Using Wavelets

  • Chakrabarti K.
  • Garofalakis M.
  • Rastogi R.
  • Shim K.

Approximate query processing has recently emerged as a viable, cost-effective solution for dealing with the huge data volumes and stringent response time requirements of today's Decision Support Systems (DSS). Most work in this area, however, has so far been limited in its query processing scope, typically focusing on specific forms ...

Tunable DBR Laser for High-Speed Optical Switching

  • Ackerman D.
  • Gemelos S.
  • Johnson J.
  • Ketelsen L.
  • Nuss M.
  • Sadot D.
  • Taranenko N.

An in-depth investigation of the high-speed temporal response of a two- section DBR-LD is presented. For the first time, a 554 ps DBR-LD response time is observed. Tuning times, 1.1-3.6 ns over seven ITU-spaced wavelengths, are linearly dependent on the tuning range.

Series Resistance Limits for 0.05microns MOSFETs

  • Gossmann H.
  • Keys P.
  • Ng K.
  • Rafferty C.

Technology scaling demands shallower junctions for MOSFETs, making high conductivity access to the intrinsic device harder to achieve. Considerable effort has been devoted to improving process technology in order to reduce the sheet resistivity of shallow implanted layers. However, a calculation of the components of resistance as a function of ...

Very Low Cost Graded SiGe Base Bipolar Transistor for a High Performance Modular BiCMOS Process

  • Bourdelle K.
  • Campbell T.
  • Chyan Y.
  • Cong H.
  • Frei M.
  • Fritzinger L.
  • Hsu T.
  • Ivanov T.
  • Johnson R.
  • Kim Y.
  • King C.
  • Klemens F.
  • Lee C.
  • Martin S.
  • Mastrapasqua M.
  • Moinian S.
  • Molloy S.
  • Ng K.
  • Nguyen D.
  • Tang X.

We report a new super self-aligned graded SiGe base transistor that uses high-energy implantation, rather than epitaxial growth, to form the sub- collector region. This new inexpensive process yields a device with f sub T of 52 GHz and f sub (max) of 70 GHz with the addition of only ...