MicroISPs: Providing Convenient and Low-Cost High-Bandwidth Internet Access

  • Brustoloni J.
  • Garay J.

We present MicroISP, a novel architecture for Internet Service Providers suitable for installation in airports, hotels, conference centers, cafes, and office or apartment buildings. Users access a MicroISP via a low-cost, high-bandwidth LAN, e.g., Ethernet or WaveLAN. A router connects the MicroISP's LAN to a shared high- bandwidth access link ...

Overflow Behavior in Queues with Many Long-Tailed Inputs

  • Borst S.
  • Mandjes M.

We consider a fluid queue fed by a superposition of n homogeneous on-off sources with generally distributed on- and off-periods. We scale buffer space B and link rate C by n, such that we get nb and nc, respectively. Then we let n grow large. In this regime, the overflow ...

Automating Web Navigation with the WebVCR

  • Anupam V.
  • Freire J.
  • Kumar B.
  • Lieuwen D.

Recent developments in Web technology such as the inclusion of scripting languages, frames, and the growth of dynamic content, have made the process of retrieving Web content more complicated, and sometimes tedious. For example, Web browsers do not provide a method for a user to bookmark a frame-based Web site ...

Strong Bragg Gratings in Chalcogenide Glass Waveguides

  • Cheong S.
  • Hwang H.
  • Katsufuji T.
  • Kelsey A.
  • Lenz G.
  • Macleod B.
  • Rogers J.
  • Slusher R.
  • Spalter S.

Strong Bragg gratings were fabricated in planar chalcogenide glass waveguides. Record grating strengths were obtained at 1.38 micron by depositing a thin chalcogenide glass film on a grating nanomolded into a polymer film.

Advanced Amorphous Dielectrics for Embedded Capacitors

  • Alers G.
  • Chang J.
  • Diodato P.
  • Fleming R.
  • Garfunkel E.
  • Lang D.
  • Liu R.
  • Rajopalan R.
  • Schneemeyer L.
  • Stirling L.
  • Sung C.
  • Urdahl R.
  • Van Dover R.
  • Wong Y.

A new class of embedded capacitors based on amorphous binary and ternary metal oxides with high dielectric constant materials will be presented that can be integrated into the backend metal layers of a circuit. Amorphous dielectrics have many advantages over crystalline materials with higher dielectric constants including a low processing ...

Concentrator Circuit with Multiple Priority Levels

  • Chiou L.
  • Kibar O.
  • Krishnamoorthy A.
  • Rozier R.

We present the architecture of a memory-less CMOS packet concentrator that achieves dynamic statistical multiplexing of data from N inputs to L outputs with multiple priority levels. We present results from a 16-channel test chip built in 0.5 micron CMOS.

Resource Optimization in QoS Multicast Routing of Real-Time Multimedia

  • Charikar M.
  • Naor J.
  • Schieber B.

We consider a network design problem, where applications require various levels of Quality-of-Service (QoS) while connections have limited performance. Suppose that a source needs to send a message to a heterogeneous set of receivers. The objective is to design a low cost multicast tree from the source that would provide ...

Reachability and Connectivity Queries in Constraint Databases

  • Benedikt M.
  • Grohe M.
  • Libkin L.
  • Segoufin L.

It is known that standard query languages for constraint databases lack the power to express connectivity properties. Such properties are important in the context of geographical databases, where one naturally wishes to ask queries about connectivity (what are the connected components of a given set?) or reachability (is there a ...

Large Scale Complementary Integrated Circuits Based on Organic Transistors

  • Bao Z.
  • Crone B.
  • Dodabalapur A.
  • Filas R.
  • Katz H.
  • Li W.
  • Lin Y.
  • Sarpeshkar R.

Organic and polymer based thin-film transistors have been proposed for a number of applications such as displays and radio-frequency (RF) identification tags. The principal motivating factors for the use of organic transistors are the lower cost and simpler packaging as well as demonstrated compatibility with flexible substrates. In digital circuits, ...

Design and Implementation of a Caching System for Streaming Media over the Internet

  • Bommaiah E.
  • Guo K.
  • Hofmann M.
  • Paul S.

Congested networks and overloaded servers resulting from the ever growing number of Internet users have contributed to the decline in service quality of streaming media over the Internet. We propose a design and implementation of a caching system for streaming media, which utilizes its local memory and disk resources to ...

Two Contradictory Conjectures Concerning Carmichael Numbers

  • Granville A.
  • Pomerance C.

Erdos conjectured that there are alpha sup (1-0(1)) Carmichael numbers up to alpha, whereas Shanks was skeptical as to whether one might even find an alpha up to which there are more than sqrt alpha Carmichael numbers. Alford, Granville and Pomerance showed that there are more than alpha sup (2/7) ...

Knowledge and the Action Description Language A

  • Lobo J.
  • Mendez G.
  • Taylor S.

We introduce A sub (KAPPA), an extension of the action description language A of Gelfond and Lifschitz to handle actions that affect knowledge. We use sensing actions to increase an agent's knowledge of the world and non-deterministic actions to remove knowledge. We include complex plans involving conditionals and loops in ...

Large Kerr Effect in Bulk Se-Based Chalcogenide Glasses

  • Aggarwal I.
  • Cheong S.
  • Hwang H.
  • Katsufuji T.
  • Lenz G.
  • Lines M.
  • Sanghera J.
  • Slusher R.
  • Spalter S.
  • Zimmermann J.

Ultrafast all-optical switching (AOS), and more generally ultrafast all-optical processing, are essential functions in high bit rate optical time division multiplexing (OTDM). The requirements on devices that provide such functionality are as follows: 1) Low switching energy; 2) Ultrafast time response (broadband); 3) Low loss (linear as well as nonlinear) ...

Variations in Ambient Light Emission from Black Smokers and Flange Pools on the Juan de Fuca Ridge

  • Chave A.
  • Gaidos E.
  • Reynolds G.
  • Tyson J.
  • Vandover C.
  • White S.

Ambient light emitted by high-temperature black smokers and flange pools on the Juan de Fuca Ridge was imaged using a spectra camera. Most of the light is emitted at long wavelengths (700-1000 nm) and corresponds to thermal radiation from a body at the same temperature as the vents/flanges. However, black ...

Two-Dimensional Photonic Crystal Couplers for Unidirectional Light Output

  • Dodabalapur A.
  • Joannopoulos J.
  • Mekis A.
  • Slusher R.

We propose the use of two-dimensional photonic crystal slabs to improve the directionality of output coupling from planar waveguides and distributed feedback lasers. We present a theory underlying the operation of such structures and design criteria for emission in desired directions. As an example, we demonstrate a vertical coupler integrated ...

Fast Multiple Antenna Differential Decoding

  • Clarkson K.
  • Sweldens W.
  • Zheng A.

We present an algorithm based on lattice reduction for the fast decoding of diagonal differential modulation across multiple antenna. While the complexity of the maximum likelihood algorithm is exponential both in the number of antenna and the rate, the complexity of our approximate lattice algorithm is polynomial in the number ...

PMD Fundamentals: Polarization Mode Dispersion in Optical Fibers

  • Gordon J.
  • Kogelnik H.

This paper reviews the theory of polarization mode dispersion in optical fibers. It includes discussions of the relationships between Jones and Stokes vectors, rotation matrices, interpretations of PMD vectors, the related laws of infinitesimal rotation and the concatenation rules for PMD vectors of different fiber sections. Pauli spin matrices and ...

New Models and Algorithms for Programmable Networks

  • Raz D.
  • Shavitt Y.

In today's IP networks, most of the network control and management tasks are performed at the end points. As a result, many important network functions cannot be optimized due to lack of sufficient support from the network. The growing need for quality guaranteed services brought on suggestions to add more ...

Optimal Partition of QoS Requirements with Discrete Cost Functions

  • Raz D.
  • Shavitt Y.

The future Internet is expected to support applications with quality of service (QoS) requirements. For this end several mechanisms are suggested in the IETF to support signaling, the most promising among them is DiffServ. An important problem in this framework is how to partition the QoS requirements of an application ...

XTRACT: A System for Extracting Document Type Descriptors from XML Documents

  • Garofalakis M.
  • Gionis A.
  • Rastogi R.
  • Seshadri S.
  • Shim K.

We propose XTRACT, a novel system for inferring a DTD schema for a database of XML documents. Since the DTD syntax incorporates the full expressive power of regular expressions, naive approaches typically fail to produce concise and intuitive DTDs. Instead, the XTRACT inference algorithms employ a sequence of sophisticated steps ...